About Partnerships

By establishing partnerships, we can increase capacity to strengthen our influence in building healthier communities through nutrition. Our vision is to be the leading voice in nutrition and dietetics, particularly around important issues that impact the health of Australians. These issues include obesity, mental health, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and a new National Nutrition Policy. We advocate across the nutrition spectrum, working with all stakeholders including government, food industry, public health representatives, media and others.

Our principles underpinning Partnership management are:

  • alignment with our Strategic Plan
  • alignment of organisational objectives, brand values and image
  • appropriate partnership benefits
  • value for money
  • transparency
  • ethical behaviour and fair dealing
  • appropriate activity and association

We will not consider partnerships with organisations within or related to food manufacturing and food industry associations or alcohol companies.

All Partnerships support our mission:

Supporting members, advocating for our profession, and building healthier communities. 

Member Partners

Education in Nutrition has grown to become an extremely popular online professional development webinar series. Our program curates the latest nutrition information and hot topics from remarkable and talented dietitians and health experts around the world. There are over 30 webinars delivered annually, and each is created with the dietitian’s on-going professional development in mind. Busy dietitians from Australia and internationally come together in one, easily accessible, online space to update and advance their knowledge and clinical practice on a continual and convenient basis. What’s more, viewing these webinars also means dietitians can log CPD hours.

Associate Partners


AIA Australia is one of the leading life insurers in Australia and has introduced Vitality to the Australian market. Vitality is one of the largest health and wellness programs globally with over 5 million registered members across the US, UK, South Africa and Singapore. Vitality members earn points for completing a Nutrition Assessment with an Accredited Practising Dietitian.



Proudly supporting the Guild Insurance Yearly Planner

Dietitians Australia refers members to Guild Insurance for Dietitians Liabilities Insurance, which includes: Breach of Professional Duty as a Dietitian, Public Liability and Goods Sold and Advice on Goods Sold. Guild understands the insurance needs of Dietitians and aims to provide a service that exceeds expectations.