Privacy Policy for Smart Eating (For a Healthier You) e-newsletter

Rationale and Purpose

The Dietitians Australia (DAA) developed an e-newsletter in 2008 with the objective to increase access to reliable and practical nutrition information and to promote the services of Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD).

The purpose of this policy is to ensure any personal information collected via the e-newsletter is kept confidential.


Collecting personal information DA will use personal information given through the Smart Eating For a Healthier You website to:

  • Communicate with consumers via a regular e-newsletter (which consumers have opted to receive)
  • Provide DA with statistics to help customise Smart Eating content
  • Communicate changes to the Smart Eating website area that may be of interest

Personal information will be held on a secure database.

None of the personal information collected will be disclosed to external companies or persons without written permission of the individual.

When a consumer un-subscribes from the newsletter they can request their contact information be deleted.

What information DA collects

When consumers sign up for the Smart Eating newsletters, DA asks for a name and email address. These are mandatory fields and allow for the distribution of the e-newsletter. DA also asks for other optional questions to help tailor the information to the right audience.

Related Policies

Other related policies include:

  • Policy and procedure for the development and maintenance of content for Smart Eating For a Healthier You
  • Policy for Acceptance and Dissemination of Advertising (including Trade Exhibitions)

Adopted: July 2009
Reviewed:October 2012
Reviewed: July 2016
To be reviewed: May 2019