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Clinical Dietetics for Bariatric Surgery

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Where does bariatric surgery fit into obesity management? What procedures are available in Australia and who is eligible? What medical nutrition therapy is required to manage patients before and after their procedure, and also long term? Join our introductory level course to find the answers to these questions and more, to assist you in managing the nutritional needs of your patients with or preparing for bariatric surgery.

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Audience: Dietitians who have little to no experience within the area of Bariatric Surgery. This course can also be used as a refresher if you are returning to practice within this area.

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Course Information

Module 1

  • Provide an overview of obesity and bariatric surgery, and their relationship.
  • Understand the role of the dietitian within the multidisciplinary team supporting patients electing for bariatric surgery.

Module 2

  • To provide detail on the common bariatric surgery procedures in Australia including their classification, patient selection criteria, expected outcomes, implications, and possible complications.

Module 3

  • To build understanding of the nutritional management of the patient with bariatric surgery with respect to both macro- and micronutrients.

Module 4

  • To give dietitians the ability to provide evidence-based preoperative medical nutritional therapy bariatric surgery candidates

Module 5

  • To give dietitians the ability to manage the postoperative nutrition of the bariatric surgery patient.

Module 6

  • To provide an understanding of the different non-surgical modalities available to the bariatric surgery candidate.


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