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Psychology of Eating, Weight and Body Image

Psychology plays an important role both in minimising risks and enhancing long-term outcomes through the application of evidence-based principles and techniques. While providing research, theory, and application of skills within the scope of dietetics, this course will also ensure an understanding of professional boundaries and scope as a dietitian, assist in understanding the evidence, and aide in collaborative professional relationships with psychologists, particularly around appropriate referrals.

The course does not assess competence, nor provide qualification, to practice in any particular therapy. Further specific training is required to become a practitioner in any therapy discussed.

Audience: New graduates in Dietetics (Bachelor or Masters level), Dietitians or Registered Psychologists

Course Information

  • Understand research on the effectiveness of current behavioural, psychological, surgical and weight-neutral approaches to weight concerns.
  • Apply goal setting to clients who have weight concerns, including developing holistic, healthy and sustainable goals and the application of values.
  • Apply psychological skills to help clients develop mindfulness, motivation, positive thinking, balance, patience, resilience, and self-efficacy.
  • Tailor psychological skills to the presenting client and engage clients in developing psychological skills.
  • Understand relevant research on the ineffectiveness and potential harm of weight-centric behavioural approaches and potential benefit of non-dieting approaches.
  • Introduce and apply the Circle of Healthy Eating; a non-dieting framework for intuitive eating.
  • Introduce and apply a psychological framework for a positive relationship with physical movement.
  • Understand theory and research on emotional eating and it’s relationship with psychological well being and weight management outcomes.
  • Introduce and apply a theoretical framework for overcoming emotional eating.
  • Understand the social and cultural origins of today’s “normative” body dissatisfaction and preoccupation, and the affects of body image on overall well being and the development of healthy habits.
  • Apply simple and effective strategies to improve body image.
  • Apply the principles and techniques of the psychology of eating, movement, weight, and body-image with a range of clients.

Leave this course with:

  • Up to 13 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD). APDs can enter this under ‘Professional Education’ when course content aligns with APD learning goals (and remember to tick the ‘Professional Competence’ box in your CPD entry as well if the course has developed your skills, knowledge and expertise related to your area of practice – and that’s our goal!)
  • A Certificate of Attendance*

*In order to attain a certificate, participants need to attend the full course schedule, and complete the online assessment. Assessment is in the form of a multiple choice quiz.

Meet the presenter

Glenn Mackintosh is the Founder of Weight Management Psychology.

His public work has seen him create a YouTube Channel and Podcast, accept the challenging position as consultant psychologist for Ten’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed and contribute regularly in the media.

He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Queensland representative for the APS Psychology of Eating, Weight, and Body-image Interest Group.  Before venturing into private practice, he was the Director of Psychology at the Wesley Lifeshape Clinic and he also supports Qld Bariatrics patients pre- and post-surgery.

Glenn’s research investigated psychological and social factors and weight management, and he has lectured in health psychology, the psychology of eating, and sport and exercise psychology at the University of Queensland and several other universities.

Glenn’s passion is in helping people manage their eating, physical activity, weight, and body-image and training other professionals in applying psychological principals to help their clients who are grappling with weight management issues through his sold-out professional workshops. He is enjoying spreading evidence-based, weight-inclusive, innovative messages in his practice, the media and public life.

You can find out more about Glenn by signing up to his free e-newsletter for dietitians!


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