The Australian Dietetics Council (ADC) is the governance structure for our accreditation and recognition services and has been operating since 1 July 2009.

The main function of the ADC is to provide independent advice on accreditation and regulation to our Board.

The ADC provides impartial, specialist, and transparent advice on regulation and accreditation matters.

The guiding principles of the ADC are to:

  • enable transparency for members, clients, health services and the Government
  • enable separation of policy and operational functions
  • enable broader representation
  • enable greater independence thus reducing potential conflict of interest
  • support a move to a business model ensuring a more sustainable service
  • support corporate governance principles and enable greater accountability


The ADC comprises of 9 members that have been appointed by the Board to serve a 2 year term.

The 9 members consist of:

  • 3 senior academic dietitians
  • 3 senior practitioner dietitians
  • 3 external members
Senior academic dietetic members
Senior practitioner dietetic members
External members

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