Get Down with Sean and Marley team host an Accredited Practising Dietitian

Dietitians Australia is proud to have partnered with the team at Get Down with Sean and Marley to raise awareness of the value of nutrition and the support of a dietitian in promoting health, function, and wellbeing.

The below episode of Beautiful Tasty Beautiful was launched in April 2024. It is part of a series of education videos developed by Dietitians Australia that demonstrate how dietitians can effectively respond to the needs of people with disability, co-create solutions tailored to their needs and leverage the unique strengths of individuals to achieve their goals.

The Beautiful Tasty Beautiful episode celebrates the shared experience of cooking together and demonstrates how food and nutrition can enhance health, function and wellbeing.

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Disclaimer: This cooking video demonstrates the plate model as a guide to constructing a balanced meal and is intended for the general population. It may not be suitable for people with conditions requiring specialised dietary advice such as dysphagia, allergies or other medical conditions. Please consult your doctor and an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) for personalised advice tailored to your individual needs.

How dietitians support people with disability

Dietitians work in collaboration with people with disability sharing nutrition knowledge to enhance their skills and support healthful behaviour change. Dietitians aim to ensure that people with disability are empowered to achieve optimal nutrition and eating habits for their individual goals. Dietitians work with people with disability to find solutions together and make balanced eating habits straightforward and accessible. 

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APDs looking to confidently deliver the best possible nutrition care to people with disability are encouraged to sign up to the Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) Introduction to Disability and Inclusion for Dietitians Evergreen Course.


Introduction to Disability and Inclusion for Dietitians Evergreen Course


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