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Cheesy gluten free vegan muffins
Baking Gluten free Lactose free Vegetarian Lunchbox Snacks Not specified Chickpea flour Herbs Seeds Soy milk Spices Vegetables Zucchini

A delicious savoury snack to add to your lunchbox.

Green shakshuka - Recipes - 900x450px (PNG, 783KB)
30 minute meals Gluten free Vegetarian Breakfast Middle Eastern Coriander Eggs Feta Kale Spices Zucchini

Serve this green shakshuka for breakfast, brunch or a quick dinner.

Easy bean vego tacos - recipes - 900x450px
30 minute meals Quick and easy Vegetarian Main course Mexican Black beans Cabbage Chilli Coriander Garlic Olive oil Tortilla Yoghurt

These easy bean vego tacos, using 5 types of plants, are made in 5 simple steps.

Watermelon pizza - Recipes - 900x450
Quick and easy Summer Vegetarian Dessert Light meals and lunch Snacks Not specified Berries Fruit Milk or Yoghurt Yoghurt

Refreshing and easy to make.

Lentil and haloumi pie - Recipe - 900x450
Vegetarian Winter Main course Modern Australian Carrot Haloumi Lentils Olive oil Potato Tomato

A delicious lentil and haloumi pie.