We celebrate our members and their contributions to dietetics and Dietitians Australia. Our members can apply for recognition and for grants.

Each year we recognise our member achievements through:

  • Awards and prizes
  • Research grants and scholarships
  • Fellows of Dietitians Australia and Advanced APD credentials

Find details of past recipients from the links below.

We have a nomination and application process for most forms of recognition and grants. Details on how to apply are on our member portal.

Awards and prizes

Our awards and prizes recognise members and staff for their outstanding service to dietetics.

See past recipients of our:

Research grants and scholarships

We offer research grants and scholarships to support our members. They help our members to do further research and study. Grants are also available for members to present work at international and national conferences.

See past recipients of our grants and scholarships.

Fellows of Dietitians Australia

We award the Fellows of Dietitians Australia (FDA) credential to high profile and proactive leaders in dietetics. They have made a significant contribution to the profession and health of the community.

See current members with the FDA credential.

Advanced APDs

Our Advanced APD (AdvAPD) credential recognises dietitians who show high-level skills in the dietetic profession.

See current members with our AdvAPD credential.

Get in touch

If you have questions please email awards@dietitiansaustralia.org.au.

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