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DAA Strategic Plan 2018-2021


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DA Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Online Cultural Capability Training for DA Staff and Members

Dietitians Australia supports our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members and all members of colour. It’s now more important than ever, to explore and commit to taking action to working towards a more fair and just society.

Education and understanding are key steps to creating positive change, and to support cultural awareness, the Dietitians Australia Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group has collated a list of key resources to help increase your capability.

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DAA ‘INNOVATE’ Reconciliation Action Plan

Nov 2018 – Nov 2020

DAA is excited to build on its reconciliation journey with an INNOVATE RAP, which sets out our commitment to reconciliation for the next two years. This second RAP, launched in February 2019, will help to advance staff and member knowledge of, and respect for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, and help us cultivate that knowledge in the wider community.

Our INNOVATE RAP will continue to be led and monitored by the RAP Working Group, comprised of two Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander members, six non-Indigenous members and two staff. Our Executive Manager of Policy & Professional Services will continue to champion our RAP to encourage staff, management, the Board and members to be aware of our RAP commitments and to be engaged in all aspects of our RAP.

DA Innovate RAP

DAA ‘REFLECT’ Reconciliation Action Plan

Feb 2017 – Feb 2018

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is about organisations, from every sector, rising to the challenge of reconciling Australia. RAPs provide a framework for organisations to develop practical plans of action built on relationships, respect and opportunities, so as to create social change and economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Our RAP journey started with the launch of our first RAP (a REFLECT RAP) in February 2017. Many achievements have been made in the 12+ months since the launch of our first RAP. Some examples of these achievements include:

  • We developed ‘Terms of Reference’ for the RAP Working Group (RWG), established quarterly RWG teleconferences and introduced RAP activity updates as a permanent feature on the agenda for DAA staff meetings.
  • We established and implemented a communications plan to raise awareness amongst staff and members across the organisation, as well as external stakeholders, about our RAP commitments.
  • Relationships were established and strengthened with a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.
  • Significant cultural events (e.g. National Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC week), were promoted by social media to, and celebrated by, our members.
  • Welcoming and acknowledgement protocols were reviewed and updated in the DAA Events Manual, with information packages sent to event organisers. An Acknowledgement of Country was also imbedded in DAA Board and staff meeting agenda templates.
DAA Reflect RAP