Our constitution details how Dietitians Australia (the Dietitians Association of Australia) is governed.

The constitution gives details for:

  • the reason the Association was established
  • how we use our profit and income
  • how our Directors are remunerated
  • what occurs in the event of winding up or the dissolution of the Association
  • the different classes of membership
  • how we apply subscription fees and levies
  • cessation and suspension of membership
  • how an Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD) is awarded Specialist, Advanced Practitioner, and Fellow status
  • the process and proceedings of General Meetings
  • the members and role of our Board
  • the role of our Committees of the Board and Independent Councils
  • the role of our Branches and Interest Groups
  • the role of our Executive Officer
  • how our accounts are handled
  • our By-laws and how they are created
  • our indemnity and insurance
  • the conditions for allowing members to view our documents and records

Download our constitution.

Dietitians Australia is the leading voice in nutrition and dietetics in Australia. Our mission is to champion the professional nutrition and dietetic workforce to empower people and communities.
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