An accredited dietetics program must meet and maintain our accreditation standards. This guide is designed to support universities to give evidence that demonstrates they meet our standards.

Using the Evidence Guide

The Evidence Guide supports universities in their application for accreditation. The guide gives examples of how to give evidence their dietetic program meets our accreditation standards.

Universities may use their discretion to select alternate or additional pieces of evidence for submission. A university site visit will also form part of evidence gathering for the accreditation review process.

The guide can help universities to:

  • compile evidence
  • ascertain what outcome-focussed evidence looks like

The guide may also support accreditation review teams to:

  • assess the evidence supplied by the university
  • seek outcome-focussed evidence
  • gather examples of outcome-based evidence which can add to the evidence framework

Download the Evidence Guide for Accreditation of Dietetics Education Programs.

Other accreditation documents

The Evidence Guide for Accreditation of Dietetics Programs is one of three documents relating to the accreditation of Australian dietetics education programs.

The first is the Accreditation Standards for Accreditation of Dietetics Education Programs and the second is Processes for Accreditation of Dietetics Education Programs.

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