Unhealthy eating patterns are now the leading preventable risk factor contributing to the burden of disease globally and are a leading risk factor contributing to health conditions in Australia. There is an urgent need for the development and implementation of a comprehensive, multi-faceted and co-ordinated response. This will require an overarching National Nutrition Strategy and accompanying well-resourced Action Plan.

We have developed a joint position statement with the Public Health Association of Australia, Nutrition Australia and the Heart Foundation.

Our statement calls on the Australian Government for an up-to-date National Nutrition Strategy. Such a strategy would:

  • align with the draft National Preventive Health Strategy
  • be an essential component of the National Obesity Prevention Strategy and National Breastfeeding Strategy
  • would deliver multiple complementary benefits of health, the economy, equity and environmental sustainability

We have called for a new national nutrition policy for many years. Australia last updated its national nutrition policy in 1992.

Download the Position Paper and Evidence Brief.

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