Submitted to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care - Worker Regulation Section

We have submitted our recommendations on the Exposure Draft of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Amendment to the Code of Conduct for Aged Care.

The Code comes into effect on 1 December 2022. It aims to protect aged care recipients by ensuring a suitable standard of conduct from their:

  • aged care providers
  • workers
  • governing persons (for example, board members and CEOs).

Our recommendations are to:

  • Clarify if healthcare professionals who provide aged care services, either as employees or contractors to aged care providers, are included or excluded in the Code of Conduct.
  • Expand the definition of care, supports and services' in the Schedule to the Code of Conduct beyond the simple references to care, including aged care.
  • Develop a plain language resource for people who work in aged care to interpret and apply the Code of Conduct.

For more, download our full submission.

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