Becoming a dietitian in Australia

Thinking of becoming a dietitian? This page will help you find out where you can study to become a dietitian. It is also a good idea to research the job market to ensure you are fully aware of your potential career opportunities.

Completing an accredited program

To become a dietitian and be eligible to join DAA and the Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) program you must complete a university-level dietetics program accredited by DAA. DAA maintains a list of accredited dietetics programs. This list includes both undergraduate Bachelor and post-graduate Masters programs. All accredited dietetics programs are considered “entry-level” to the profession. Enquiries regarding tertiary study, including entry scores, should be directed to the University you are interested in attending.

Please note that there are numerous nutrition study programs available at Tafe and University that are not eligible for accreditation with DAA. Completing a program such as this will not provide you with eligibility to join DAA or the APD program.

How do I decide which program to study?

If you have not completed any tertiary study previously you will need to complete an undergraduate program. If you gain entry to an accredited undergraduate dietetics program, this will be the most direct route in your journey to becoming a dietitian. If you have completed an undergraduate program and are interested in postgraduate dietetics, contact the University to discuss eligible undergraduate degrees for entry. The DAA accreditation rules require entrants to a postgraduate program to have completed strict pre-requisite requirements. Please note that only the university delivering the postgraduate program can confirm entry to the program.

Can I do work experience at school/college?

Opportunities for dietetic work experience at secondary education level are usually very limited for a number of reasons, including client privacy and confidentiality and both student and client safety. A certain amount of knowledge and experience is required before a student can be placed into a situation, with members of the public, even if this is supervised. Dietitians in the majority of settings may only be able to accept applications for practical placements from students enrolled in an Australian accredited dietetics program.

Overseas qualified?

If you are a qualified dietitian in a country other than Australia, please see Recognition of Overseas Qualifications.


For questions relating to studying to become a dietitian in Australia, please contact