Recognition of Dietetic Qualifications

Are you an overseas qualified dietitian?

Dietetics is not a registered profession in Australia, overseas qualified dietitians are able to practise in Australia without credentialing.

Although there are no legal requirements for registration the Australian Government supports DA’s role as a Skills Assessing Authority to ensure that high levels of professional practice are obtained and maintained by the profession.

The majority of employers of employers in Australia will require you to have completed Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) to enable you to be eligible for membership of DA and the Accredited Practising Dietitian program (APD program). The APD Program is administered by DA as a means of self-regulation by the profession, in order to obtain and maintain high levels of professional practice.

Current APD status is required for a Medicare or Department of Veterans Affairs provider number and for provider status with many private health insurers.

Please note: the DSR process may vary if you qualified in a country which has a Mutual Recognition agreement with DA.

Once you have completed the second stage of the DSR process (MCQ exam), you may be eligible to apply for a Skills Migration Assessment.

Are you an overseas resident with an Australian dietetics qualification?

If you have successfully completed an accredited Nutrition and Dietetics program in Australia and are a permanent resident of another country, you may be eligible to apply to DA for a Skills Migration Assessment to enable you to work in Australia as a dietitian.


Please contact our DSR Administrator.