Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR)

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The DSR process is a three stage process which includes a desktop review of your dietetic qualifications and experience, a written Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination and an Oral counselling interview examination. A DSR assessment is valid for 3 years, failure to join the APD program within this period will result in the applicant having to re-complete the DSR process.

Stage 1: Desktop Review.

The Desktop review includes an assessment of the following to determine your eligibility to sit the examinations, you must be able to provide evidence that you meet all four (4) of the following criteria;

  • Recognition/credentialing as a dietitian in your country of qualification
  • Recency of dietetic practice
  • Tertiary dietetic qualifications (including review of curriculum and supervised practical placement) [To see a sample Australian dietetic program outline, read point 2. Tertiary Training Program on the DSR Criteria page ]
  • English Language proficiency
  • Completion of the Australian Cultural Awareness Assessment

If you are an Australian qualified dietitian returning to the APD program and have not completed any dietetic practice for 5 or more years, to apply for the DSR exams you will first need to compete the alternate pathways initial application.

Stage 2: Written MCQ examination.

Stage 3: Oral counselling interview examination.

The purpose of the examinations is to assess the competence of overseas-educated dietitians to practise dietetics in Australia. The examinations are based on the National Competency Standards for Entry Level Dietitians in Australia. Dietitians who pass both the written MCQ and oral examinations will be eligible to join the APD program.

Please ensure that you meet all four (4) of the criteria for an Assessment of Eligibility to sit the DA Examinations in Dietetics before you apply.