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The Centre for Advanced Learning and the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) have partnered to provide a Food Allergy and Intolerance course.

This course runs twice per year, with the second course held in conjunction with the ASCIA annual conference.

  • New graduates in Dietetics (Bachelor or Masters level)
  • Accredited Practising Dietitians


Course Outline

The course is presented over two full days, from 8.30am to 6pm each day.

The following free online training courses must be completed prior to attending this course:

  1. ASCIA Anaphylaxis e-training for health professionals – click here for access
  2. ASCIA Food Allergy e-training for dietitians and other health professionals – click here for access
  3. All About Allergens e-training for food service – click here for access

These pre-requisite courses take approximately 1-1.5 hours each to complete and a certificate is automatically issued on completion of each.

Participants are required to submit their pre-requisite course certificates to finalise their registration. Details will be provided in the registration confirmation email. 

Prerequisite reading will be advised to delegates at least one month prior to the course.

In order to attain the relevant certificate, participants need to complete both the pre-course work and online assessments, in addition to attending the full schedule for the course. Assessment is in the form of a multiple choice quiz.

  • An understanding of immunology and pathophysiology of allergy
  • Skills and knowledge in nutritional management of food allergy and other adverse food reactions
  • Recommendations, guidelines and evidence based literature to add to your toolkit
  • A network of dietitians working in the field of food allergy and intolerance
  • At least 15.5 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD). APDs can enter this under ‘Professional Education’ when course content aligns with APD learning goals (and remember to tick the ‘Professional Competence’ box in your CPD entry as well if the course has developed your skills, knowledge and expertise related to your area of practice – and that’s our goal!)
  • A Certificate of Attendance (students) or Professional Certificate (graduated dietitians)

Meet the presenters

Ingrid Roche

Ingrid graduated from the dietetics program at Curtin University in 1995 and has worked in various public, community health and hospital positions in Western Australia and the northern Territory, including Clinical Dietetics Manager at Royal Darwin Hospital. She has worked at the Perth Children’s Hospital (formerly Princess Margaret Hospital) since 2009 in the area of Allergy and Immunology and has chaired the ASCIA Dietitians Committee for the past six years and is excited to bring to fruition the Professional Certificate for dietitians in food allergy and food intolerance. Ingrid also has a private practice in Perth with special interests in nutrition services for maternal health, paediatrics and gastroenterology.

Kathy Beck

Kathy Beck has more than 35 years working as a registered nurse and a dietitian in clinical dietetics, across all types of home and hospital settings, both in Australia and the UK. Kathy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and in the last 10 years has specialised in paediatric clinical dietetics across a diverse range of specialty areas but specifically within paediatric food allergy. She is the recognised paediatric allergy dietitian across Queensland and lectures in the area of paediatric food allergy to dietetic students, dietitians, GP’s and paediatricians.

Kathy is newly elected Chair of the Dietitian Subcommittee of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunologists and Allergists (ASCIA) which aims to provide up-to-date educational resources for dietitians and families living with food allergy.  Kathy regularly attends National and International conferences to broaden and update her skills.

Dr Merryn Netting

Merryn is an experienced clinical pediatric dietitian based at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She graduated from Flinders University in 1987 with a post graduate Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Her PhD was awarded in 2015 for her thesis “Nutritional Strategies for Allergy Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment, with a Specific Focus on Egg Allergy”.

Merryn is an Allied Health member of both the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy and the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology. She serves on the National Allergy Strategy Steering Committee.  Merryn has a passion for translating the science of nutrition into the practical aspects of the food that we place on our plates, including the dietary management of children with food allergy. Her work with the SAHMRI Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children Theme focuses on the influence of early life nutrition on long term health, particularly infant feeding advice for prevention of food allergy.

Anna Richards

Anna is in Private Practice as a consultant Dietitian with a specialist interest in allergy, adverse food reactions and gastroenterology at all life stages, and general paediatrics.

Anna is passionate about an accurate diagnosis uncomplicating lives. Her current passion is writing a series of books with her coeliac daughter to uncomplicate coeliac disease.



Dr Vicki McWilliam

Vicki is an advanced APD with more than twenty years of clinical experience and a decade of specialisation in food allergy in the Department of Allergy and Immunology at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Her clinical role and expertise has seen her not only involved in the care of children and families with food allergies but teaching, training, resource development, service delivery review and policy work in the area of food allergy.Vicki is a member of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy and the European Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology.

Her expertise has now extended to formal research with the recent completion of her PhD in 2018 with the NHMRC funded Centre for Food and Allergy Research based at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the University of Melbourne and she continues to undertake research alongside her clinical role.


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