Membership fees policy


To describe the rationale and process for determining membership fees.

Policy Statement

There are several categories of membership set out in the Constitution. Membership fees are set annually by the Board at its Budget meeting in November. Membership fees provide the bulk of Association income and determine the level of member services to be delivered.

Guidelines for Assessing Membership Fees

  • Membership fees must be set to ensure DA can continue to operate and deliver member services.
  • Membership fees should be set in specific categories (student, retired and ‘employed – not working as a dietitian and / or nutritionist’) to ensure engagement and retention.
  • DA must have the financial capacity to undertake activities identified in annual plans.
  • CPI must be taken into account when assessing membership fees.
  • Individual service delivery costs are similar regardless of membership category therefore fee levels must be realistic whilst allowing for appropriate differences.
  • Membership fees should be periodically benchmarked against those of similar Associations.

General Guidelines

  • Except in the cases of Honorary Life and Honorary Membership as defined in the Constitution, remission of membership fees should not be used as a prize or incentive.
  • Membership fees may be paid for out of other allocated prize monies in certain circumstances e.g. a student prize.
  • Pro rata fees will apply for those who join the Association during the membership year as follows:
    • From 1 July 50% membership fee will apply
    • From 1 October 25% membership fee will apply
  • Pro rata fees are not available to members who have lapsed, resigned or deferred during the current year.
  • An admin fee applies to reinstate or defer lapsed members. A fee waiver may be considered for extenuating circumstances.


  • Applicants who pay online but do not complete application requirements are eligible for a refund less a cancellation fee.
  • Refunds will not be issued to members who change membership categories during the year.
  • Refunds of membership fees (all or part) may be considered for extenuating circumstances (such as financial hardship). Applications must be put in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.