Smart Eating Recipes

Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) recommend eating a wide variety of foods each day – that’s Smart Eating.

We have selected these Smart Eating recipes to help you enjoy healthy eating. The recipes are simple, quick, delicious and they’ve been tested by our APD members or our Partners – so we know they work!

Most of the recipes are for ‘everyday’ use and are consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines. There are also ‘sometimes’ recipes to be used occasionally. Although some of these don’t meet all the guidelines, they are healthier modifications of popular dishes and we have included them because celebrations are an important part of healthy eating too.

We have a range of collections for different occasions, ages and budgets. We also include recipes to aid particular medical conditions such as gluten free (to help with Coeliac disease) or lactose free (to help with lactose intolerance).

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