Dietitians Australia’s approach to social media

Following is our statement to the public about how we engage with social media (from the Dietitians Australia Facebook page).

We love conversations with our members, the public and other key groups across our social media platforms. We’re grateful to have an ever-growing number of followers across all our social media channels. And it’s no surprise, given nutrition is such a hot topic online -everybody eats!

We encourage interesting and lively discussion, and embrace the unique points of view our followers bring. Following are the principles we use to protect our online community.

Our social media principles

  1. We will not respond to spam or comments that are off-topic, offensive, untruthful, personally libellous, threatening, discriminatory or demeaning. We may delete your comment in this case or consider blocking your account if you persist in ongoing behaviour which is against the spirit of these social media etiquette guidelines.
  2. We respect that everyone has a different point of view (and we love lively discussions). If your opinion doesn’t relate to our post or conversation, or if we feel you are trying to hijack the conversation, we may need to remove it. Please save these posts for your own pages.
  3. We ask that you respect our point of view. If you strongly disagree with what we stand for and consistently dislike our content, please feel free to ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ our pages.
  4. The quickest way to get in touch with the Dietitians Australia Team is to email
  5. Posts that appear on our pages but haven’t been shared by us represent the opinions of those posting, not of Dietitians Australia.

A note about your questions

We welcome your questions, and will help you in any way we can. We may refer you to a professional if your question is specific to dietetics. That’s where Accredited Practising Dietitians come in – giving you evidence-based, individualised advice.

For questions about Dietitians Australia, it’s easier and quicker for a member of the Dietitians Australia Team to have a good discussion with you over the phone or by email. You can email us at or call (02) 6189 1200.

A word about advertising

Where possible, we will remove unsolicited advertising from our social media pages; our followers already have plenty to read! We have space on our website and in our communications directly to our members for job ads, surveys, opportunities, or product or service advertisements you’d like to share. Please email and we can discuss the best advertising option for you.