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DA Spokespeople, members and staff regularly provide accurate, evidence-based and practical nutrition messages to Australians through a range of media communication channels, including:

  • Television
  • Magazines (including consumer and health professional publications)
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Online.

Have you seen an APD share expert nutrition advice in the media? We invite you to send us a link to the article. We may be able to include it in next month’s update. Please contact  Pattie King, Media Officer.


What to eat in the cold weather

Nicole Dynan, APD

Considering the context of the whole diet with heart disease risk

Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli, APD and Dr Alan Barclay, APD

The impact of a genetic disorder on eating

Huda Al Sultan, APD

Benefits of eating hummus

Melissa Meier, APD

Tell-tale signs of iron deficiency

Natasha Murray, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

Managing food cravings with type 2 diabetes

Dale Cooke, APD

The importance of focusing on food for the National Preventive Health Strategy

Simone Austin, APD & Senior Dietetic Advisor for Dietitians Australia

Do we have to eat three meals each day?

Dr Stephanie Partridge, APD, Dr Rosemary Stanton, APD and Dr Joanna McMillan, APD

Things to consider about drinking juice

Pooja Adhyaru, APD

Time to shift focus from weight to overall health

Simone Austin, APD & Senior Dietetic Advisor for Dietitians Australia

Differences between common cooking oils

Melissa Meier, APD

Enjoying eggs through your whole day

Catriona Hull, APD

Are we really still talking about diets?

Professor Louise Burke, APD and Melanie McGrice, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

Signs of iron deficiency

Anne Finch, APD

Health habits over the easter long weekend

Christie Johnson, APD

Celebrating the extraordinary impact of dietitians

Simone Austin, APD & Senior Dietetic Advisor for Dietitians Australia

Researching quicker gestational diabetes tests

Susan De Jersey, APD

Greek yoghurt vs. Greek-style yoghurt

Katrina Mills, APD

Call for mandatory guidelines for home delivered meals for older Australians

Sharon Lawrence, APD

Cutting through the hype around celebrity diets

Simone Austin, APD

Six steps to meal planning like a pro

Susie Burrell, APD

Are plant-based burgers better for you?

Joel Feren, APD

Is your diet affecting your sleep?

Geraldine Georgeou, APD

Health star ratings on fruit juice

Simone Austin, APD & Senior Dietetic Advisor for Dietitians Australia

The importance of dietitians in aged care

Julie Dundon, APD & one of Dietitians Australia’s aged care subject matter leads

Healthy or Hyped: Vitamin IV Therapy

Joyce Haddad, APD and Milly Smith, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

Healthy eating advice for 2021

Simone Austin, APD & DA Senior Dietetic Advisor

Mediterranean diet and flexitarian eating

Felicity Curtain, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

Experts convene to boost quality of aged care meals

Julie Dundon, APD

How to plan your meals on a budget

Eleni Georgiou, APD

Top tips for healthy vegetarian eating

Kate Marsh, APD

Back to school lunch ideas

Maria Packard, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

The best vegetables for gut health

Tanith Lamaro, APD and Melanie McGrice, APD

Are ‘watermelon cakes’ the next new trend?

Margaret Hays, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

Eating healthy over Christmas

Jenna Lawlor, APD 

Future-proof, fresh food supply crucial for remote communities

Amanda Hill, APD and Robert Hunt, Dietitians Australia CEO

Importance of a healthy diet and early intervention to reduce heart attacks

Jessica Ammendolia, APD

Top tips for choosing, storing and pitting cherries

Angelia Lee, APD  

What you should and shouldn’t eat for better mental health

Lisa Donaldson, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

21 New Year’s Resolutions to be your healthiest self

Melissa Meier, APD

Understanding food preferences in aged care

Morgan Pankhurst, APD

Completely unnecessary – research on toddler milks

Alex Parker, APD

Ways to boost flavour for meat-free meals

Kate Marsh, APD

Healthy eating habits

Melanie McGrice, APD, Alan Barclay, APD and Aloysa Hourigan, APD

Responding to the proposed recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission

Robert Hunt, CEO of Dietitians Australia

Collagen Powder – healthy or hyped?

Skye Swaney, APD and Chloe McLeod, APD

Advocating for healthy eating in regional areas

Dianne Wintle, APD and Alexandra Walker, APD

Food labels can make you healthier

Simone Austin, APD and DA Senior Dietetic Advisor

How much are aged care residents eating?

Lisa Sossen, APD

Reasons behind fussy eating

Kyla Smith, APD

Are hard seltzers healthy?

Joel Feren, APD & Dietitians Australia Spokesperson

Managing food allergy in hospitals

Ingrid Roche, APD

How healthy are kombucha, switchel and water kefir?

Evangeline Mantzioris, APD

Are use-by dates flexible?

Melissa Meier, APD

Are bento boxes a healthy choice?

Aloysa Hourigan, APD and Christina Ross, APD

Budget friendly foods

Rebecca Gawthorne, APD

What to eat when you’re going through chemotherapy

Lauren Atkins, APD

Understanding the French way of eating

Branavie Ranjithakumaran, APD

Top allergy-friendly food swaps

Marika Day, APD

Why is iron so important?

Chloe McLeod, APD and Jessica Spendlove, APD

The importance of focusing on health, not weight

Fiona Willer, APD

Letting go of food guilt

Natasha Murray, APD

Is soup a good way to get nutrients?

Ngaire Hobbins, APD

Trending: barley milk

Catherine Saxelby, APD

Your top breastfeeding questions answered

Melanie McGrice, APD

Five ways to tackle emotional eating

Robbie Clark, APD

What does a Mediterranean diet look like?

Antiqone Kouris, APD and Simone Austin, APD 

Limiting food before bed may be key to better sleep

Dominique Condo, APD

Do coffee grounds help weight loss?

Clare Collins, APD

Healthy takeaway tips

Amy Castelli, APD

Common questions asked to dietitians

Rachel Hawkins, APD & Rebecca Levi, APD

A dietitian’s top brunch tips

Melissa Meier, APD

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be more expensive

Ilana Jorgensen, APD

Online community cooking classes in COVID-19

Susannah Summons, APD

Choosing foods for good mental health

Anika Rouf, APD Jessica Spendlove, APD & Chloe McLeod, APD

Hemp in food – healthy or just hip?

Catherine Saxelby, APD and Lisa Donaldson, APD & DA Spokesperson