Media Releases

Dietitians welcome new national eating disorder strategy

Dietitians Australia welcomes the government’s commitment to supporting Australians experiencing eating disorders and disordered eating. Launched yesterday by the Federal Government, the Australian Eating Disorder Research and Translation Strategy 2021–2031 will guide research to transform clinical care for those experiencing eating disorders. Media Statement.

September 2021

Ladies, let’s talk about good mood food

Dietitians are encouraging Australian women to connect with each other – either in person or virtually – and share good food to support a good mood.  This message comes as Australia celebrates Women’s Health Week, which today focuses on ways to champion better mental health.  Media release

September 2021

It’s a ‘no-brainer’ – better access to nutrition care for mental health needed

Failing to provide better access for Australians to seek nutrition support will only further exacerbate mental illness. That’s one of the key messages highlighted by Dietitians Australia at today’s hearing for the Select Committee Inquiry into Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Media release

July 2021

Greater support needed for those diagnosed with diabetes

New research shows people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are not receiving adequate support to optimise their diet in their first year of diagnosis. Media release

July 2021

Call for more authentic images of dietitians online

Most of the high-ranking images of dietitians found on a popular search engine are not an authentic representation of the profession, new research presented at Dietitians Australia National Conference has revealed. Media release

July 2021

Trending tweets greatest amplifier of dodgy diets

Dietitians are highlighting the need for health professionals to be social media savvy and to reshare their colleagues’ posts to help tackle nutrition misinformation online. Media release

July 2021

Minister Colbeck opens #DA2021: Dietitians vital to transform aged care

Senator the Honourable Richard Colbeck, Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services, today shared how dietitians are a key part in creating generational change in aged care to ensure older Australians are adequately nourished. Media release

July 2021

What will we be eating in 2050?

Embracing a diverse range of plants and foods like fungi, seaweed and insects are just some healthy and sustainable examples of what our growing population will be eating over the next 30 years. Media Release

July 2021

Dietitians read up on Deadly Science this NAIDOC Week

Sharing stories and inspiring a love of science is today’s focus of Dietitians Australia’s NAIDOC week webinar series.

Corey Tutt — Kamilaroi man, founder of Deadly Science and 2020 NSW Young Australian of the Year — will have a yarn with dietitians about the importance of sharing science knowledge to the continued healing of Country. Media release

July 2021

Nation-wide kilojoule labelling needed on fast food

Implementing nation-wide menu labelling for pre-prepared food sold at takeaway outlets is just one way the Government can make it easier for Australians to put their health first. Media release

June 2021

Budget leaves Australians hungry for change

Dietitians Australia welcomes the increase in the basic daily fee for aged care homes, announced as a part of the Federal Government’s 2021-22 budget. But without mandatory malnutrition screening, this is money down the drain.  Media release

May 2021

Dietitians Australia welcomes Tracey Spicer and Margot Richardson as Board Directors

Dietitians Australia are pleased to welcome Tracey Spicer AM, award-winning journalist, and Margot Richardson, Fellow of CPA Australia as new independent Board Directors.  Media release

April 2021

Food is our most effective weapon in preventing chronic disease

The peak body for dietetics in Australia wants to see affordability and access to healthy food increase, along with better food literacy as part of the Government’s new National Preventive Health Strategy, which closed for public comment this week. Media release

April 2021

NDIS independent assessments forget that food fuels function

Dietitians Australia calls for the government to immediately cease the roll out of the independent assessment program as part of its proposed reforms to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), in a bid to prevent, avoidable nutrition-related deaths of vulnerable Australians. Media release 

April 2021

Find an extraordinary dietitian this Dietitians Day

Leading Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Laureate Professor Clare Collins calls for all Australians to take the guesswork out of eating for health and to go see their local dietitian, as the nation celebrates Dietitians Day, today, Friday 26 March.  Media release

March 2021

Dietitians have the taste for technology

How technology has revolutionised the diverse world of dietetics, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, is just one topic dietitians will be making a noise about this Dietitians Week.

Beginning today, Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) are celebrating Dietitians Week and the role they play in building healthier communities. Media release 

March 2021

Supporting people of all sizes to thrive: call to update Clinical Practice Guidelines 

Dietitians Australia supports the call for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to update the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity.  Media Release

March 2021

Aged Care Royal Commission Final Report flags food and nutrition for immediate attention

Food and nutrition has been identified as one of four concerns requiring immediate attention in the Final Report handed down by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety today. Media Statement

March 2021

Food first in aged care: Dietitians call for National Congress to prioritise this basic human right

Tackling malnutrition by elevating the importance of nutritious food for older Australians is Dietitians Australia’s key focus at tomorrow’s National Congress on Food, Nutrition, and the Dining Experience in Aged Care. Media release

February 2021

Feeding return on investment: Budget must prioritise nutrition for the nation’s health

Dietitians Australia urges the Australian Federal Government to ensure the 2021-22 Budget provides adequate funding to support Australians to make appropriate food choices for their health. Media release

February 2021

New data strengthens call for mandatory malnutrition screening

Hospitalisation data released today by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety further emphasises Dietitians Australia’s call for mandatory malnutrition screening and quarterly re-screening of aged care residents. Media statement

February 2021

Dietitians in aged care: a recipe to save millions

Engaging Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) to support food and nutrition in aged care is projected to save more than $80 million per year which would otherwise be spent on costly malnutrition treatment.

That’s just one of the revelations outlined as part of eight aged care position statements released today by Dietitians Australia. Media release

January 2021

It’s time for action: improving food security in remote communities

Dietitians Australia applauds the recommendation to develop a strategy on food security and nutrition for remote First Nations communities. This strategy is one of 16 recommendations in the final report from the Senate Inquiry into food pricing and food security in remote Indigenous communities, which was tabled earlier this week. Media release

December 2020

Food a human-rights issue for people with disability

Supporting the rights and needs of people with disability for equal access to safe, nutritious and enjoyable food is the call behind Dietitians Australia’s latest submission to the Disability Royal Commission. Media release

November 2020

Promising changes ahead for older Australians

The elevation of nutrition in aged care is a welcomed inclusion of the proposed recommendations presented by the Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. In a response to the recommendations made, Dietitians Australia commends the Counsel for putting nutrition first. Media release

November 2020

Food security essential for remote communities to thrive

Dietitians Australia is calling for the Government to ensure all Australians have access to affordable, safe, and nutritious food, regardless of their location. This comes ahead of the final report from the Senate Inquiry into Food Pricing and Food Security in Remote Indigenous Communities, due to be handed down next week. Media release

November 2020

Stronger together: reducing racism in healthcare organisations

The impact of institutional racism in healthcare — and the steps organisations can take to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples — is just one of the topics being explored as part of Dietitians Australia’s inaugural webinar series for NAIDOC week (8-15 November 2020). Media release

November 2020

Urgent focus needed to reduce the impact of poor nutrition

Australia’s poor nutrition report card demands a coordinated response in the form of a National Nutrition Policy; this is one of the key areas highlighted in Dietitians Australia’s recent response to the development of the National Preventive Health Strategy. Media release

October 2020

Feeding good mental health is key for young Australians

As we count down to World Mental Health Day tomorrow, and with final exams for Year 12 students just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to consider the connection between healthy food choices and the mental wellbeing of young Australians. Media release

October 2020

It’s time to tackle malnutrition

Identifying and treating malnutrition is the focus of the latest virtual issue by the Journal of Dietitians Australia, Nutrition & Dietetics.  Released this week, the issue of freely available papers includes 14 recently published research articles that raise awareness about the need to proactively screen, diagnose and treat malnutrition, particularly as our population ages. Media release

October 2020

Do not forget food: the essential ingredient in health and wellbeing of older Australians

The importance of providing nutritious food and satisfying mealtimes in the wellbeing of older Australians must be recognised if the recommendations from the Royal Commission’s report into the impact of COVID-19 on aged care are to improve quality of life for residents.  Media release

October 2020

Telehealth extension good news for Australians accessing dietetic services 

Dietitians Australia welcomes the announcement by the Federal Government to extend telehealth appointments for allied health practitioners until 31 March 2021. Media statement

September 2020

Continuing telehealth is essential to keep Australians connected to healthcare

During this time of prolonged uncertainty triggered by the global pandemic, telehealth is the lifeline keeping Australians connected to their dietitian. But without government action, this support will soon be cut short, with current telehealth arrangements due to expire at the end of the month. Media release

September 2020

Digesting rest: meal quality and timing linked with better sleep in female AFL players

Limiting food intake before bedtime could be the answer to achieving a good night’s sleep for elite female athletes, according to new research published today in Nutrition & Dietetics. The research conducted by Dr. Dominique Condo, Lecturer in Sports Nutrition at Deakin University, APD and AccSD, highlights the impact nutrient intake, quality and timing of meals has on sleep duration and quality in Australian Football League Women’s (AFLW) players. Media release

August 2020

Virtual Reality: Interning at the World Health Organization during a pandemic

As coronavirus was declared a pandemic, media, organisations and the public looked to the World Health Organization (WHO) for information. Joyce Haddad, Accredited Practising Dietitian, had just commenced an internship at WHO Headquarters in Switzerland, and was there to see it all unfold. Speaking today at Dietitians Australia’s Virtual Plenary Program she shares her experience as an intern and her top 4 tips for living well during quarantine. Media release

August 2020

Urgent action needed to stop malnutrition being COVID-19’s lasting legacy 

As aged care homes across the country continue lockdown precautions in a bid to keep COVID-19 at bay, the sad reality is that another crisis – malnutrition – is building for many older Australians. Dietitians Australia calls for an increased focus on nutrition care during these times. This includes having a dietitian engaged at all aged care homes and swiftly implementing innovative health care measures. Media release

August 2020

Weight of evidence supports continuation of telehealth

The coronavirus pandemic has vastly changed Australian lifestyles, leading to unwanted ‘COVID kilos’ for some, due to different food choices, eating habits, stress and a lack of exercise during lockdown. But Dietitians Australia said it’s also presented an opportunity for many people to make life-changing and in some cases, life-saving choices, through better access to dietetic support via telehealth. Media release

July 2020

Medicare co-payments for telehealth services – a vital requirement for allied health

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) commends the government for allowing co-payments for telehealth allied health services. Coming into effect yesterday, this announcement ensures community based Accredited Practising Dietitians, along with other allied health providers, can continue to provide vital health services to Australians. Media release

April 2020

Dietitians are now available for consultations via video conference and phone appointments (Medicare and DVA rebates available)

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) commends the government’s decision to expand telehealth Medicare and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) services for allied health, including dietitians, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Media release

April 2020

Dietitians call for sensible shopping at the supermarket

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) calls for the Australian public to act sensibly and to exercise restraint when it comes to the bulk purchasing of foods at supermarkets. Australians are encouraged to consider the role of their diet in health, and sensibly plan ahead to be prepared during these uncertain times. Media release

March 2020

Critical need for a national residential aged care malnutrition audit

Malnutrition is a serious issue within aged care in Australia, silently abusing a substantial number of older Australians. Despite this, the true extent of this issue is unknown due to a lack in national data on the prevalence of malnutrition in aged care. The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) calls for a national audit into malnutrition in residential aged care. Media release

February 2020

National Nutrition Policy required to nourish not neglect Australians

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) highlights the need for nutrition to be prioritised for health, to support Australians to lead healthier lives. Commencing today, Smart Eating Week (10 – 16 February) continues DA’s call for a new National Nutrition Policy. Media release

February 2020

Dietitians equip Australians with the skills to make Smart Eating choices

Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) solidify themselves as the go-to health professionals in nutrition, as Australia celebrates Smart Eating Week. Next week from 10 -16 February, dietitians across the country will be hosting a range of initiatives, encouraging and equipping their communities with the skills to make healthier food choices. Media release

February 2020

Adequate iron intake: a key nutrient to Closing the Gap

New research released today, highlights the importance of adequate iron in supporting early childhood development in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Media release

January 2020

New President welcomed to the Dietitians Australia Board

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is pleased to announce Tara Diversi, APD has been elected as the President and Chair of the DAA Board. Following a two-year term as a DAA Director, Tara returns to the Board, to continue governance, management and strategic direction of the organisation. Media release

November 2019

Malnutrition in aged care: one quarter of submissions just the tip of the iceberg

One in four submissions to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety outline accounts of appalling food and rates of malnutrition in aged care. The shocking evidence detailed in the Commission’s Interim report, shows the critical need to elevate nutrition within all aspects of aged care to adequately nourish older Australians. Media release

November 2019

A National Nutrition Policy: a recipe to create a healthy, hunger free nation

With a new survey reporting the growing crisis of hunger in Australia, the call for the Australian Government to develop a new National Nutrition Policy has never been louder. As the social crisis of hunger worsens, and the rate of diet-related chronic disease continues to climb, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) emphasises the critical need for a collaborative, national approach to improve our nation’s health. Media release

October 2019

Leading charity’s recommendations worth taking to heart

New recommendations from the Heart Foundation, released today, highlights the need for the Australian Government to take a population-focused approach to food and nutrition. The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) calls for the Australian Government to fund a review of the Australian Dietary Guidelines, as part of a new National Nutrition Policy. Media release

August 2019

Nutrition for under-2’s: understanding intake for life-long health

As diet-related chronic conditions escalate, understanding the diets of Australian children aged 0-2 years is critical to build life-long, healthy habits. Professor Jane Scott, FDAA and Professor of Public Health Nutrition Research at Curtin University, is calling on the Australian Government to invest in a national infant diet and nutrition survey to help establish specific dietary guidelines for children aged 0-2 years. Media release

August 2019

Food for thought: building resilient students through healthy dietary habits

University students seeking new ways to overcome challenges may have to look no further than the breakfast table. New research from the University of Newcastle suggests a healthy diet is associated with lower risk of psychological distress and increased resilience (the ability to recover from stress). Media release

August 2019

Cooking for a healthy mind – using the beauty of ingredients to heal the soul

Highly regarded chef, Matt Golinski calls for every Australian to invest in a passion they love, in a bid to promote better mental health. Tomorrow, he joins more than 800 delegates, at the Dietitians Association of Australia 36th National Conference on the Gold Coast, to share how his journey has been shaped by good food and the art of cooking. Media release

August 2019

Providing cultural care: meeting the nutrition needs of Indigenous Elders

Dietitians highlight the importance of communication to provide nourishing and culturally appropriate foods in residential aged care. New research presented today at the DAA 36th National Conference uncovers how engaging both staff and Elders was key to optimising the food served to Indigenous Elders, living at a residential aged care home. Media release

August 2019

Connecting to culture through the language of food

As the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples celebrates Indigenous languages, Tracy Hardy, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and proud Kamilaroi woman shares how the language of food plays an integral role in both connection to country and health. Media release

August 2019

Mistreatment results in malnutrition: the faceless abuser in aged care

Appearing before the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, DAA CEO Robert Hunt and Sharon Lawrence APD called for nutrition to be elevated within all aspects of aged care to help reduce the devastating impact of malnutrition, which is currently prevalent in approximately 58% of older Australians. Media release

July 2019

Dietitians the vital link to aged care quality

Commencing today, Commonwealth subsidised residential aged care homes are required to collect and report on three clinical quality indicators: unplanned weight loss, pressure injuries and use of physical restraint, under the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program. Media release

July 2019

NDIS Tribunal decision a step forward for nutrition

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) calls on the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Mr Stuart Robert, to assure NDIS participants of their access to nutrition support, following a recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) ruling. Media release

June 2019

Dietitians welcome commitment to a National Preventive Health Strategy

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) welcomes yesterday’s announcement by the Health Minister Greg Hunt to develop a National Preventive Health Strategy. Media release

June 2019

Dietitians Ready to Work with Federal Government to Build Healthier Communities

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) congratulates the Coalition on their election win and looks forward to working constructively with the Morrison Government throughout the next three years. Media release

May 2019

Missing Preventative Health: Only Two Out of Three Commit

Over two thirds of our population experience obesity, yet only two out of three of our major political parties have committed to preventative health. Whilst all major parties have acknowledged the role of food and nutrition in health, the right seem to have missed the mark. Media release

May 2019

Nourishing the Nation: Labor to Prioritise Preventative Health

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) welcomes the Federal Opposition’s announcement to address the impacts of nutrition in Australia, through a National Obesity Strategy. Media release

May 2019

Australia adopts international guidelines for swallowing safety

Supported by the Dietitians Association of Australia, Speech Pathology Australia and the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare, the IDDSI framework outlines standardised names and descriptions of food and drink used in medical and community settings to reduce choking risk. Media release

May 2019

Politicians Missing the Mark with Health Approach

Our country’s leader’s obsession with quick fix prescriptive medicines is missing the mark when it comes to our longterm health. Prevention is being swept under the carpet by our politicians, with disastrous impacts on the health of the Australian community. Media release

April 2019

Nutrition Should Feed the Federal Election

The Dietitians Association of Australia election statement outlines key areas that all political parties and the future government must address to nourish the nation. Media release   Election Statement

April 2019

Budget Neglects to Nourish the Nation’s Future

The Dietitians Association of Australia welcomes the 2019 Federal Budget’s focus on mental health, eating disorder care and medical research, but is concerned it fails to plan for the future of the nation’s nutritional health. Media release

April 2019

Future of Australia’s Health Demands Immediate Action

Poor diet is a leading risk factor for many preventable chronic conditions, including heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and arthritis. Today, almost half our adult population experience a chronic disease, costing Australia over $70 billion annually. Despite deteriorating health, alarming predictions and preventable costs, Australia hasn’t updated our National Nutrition Policy in over 26 years. Media release

February 2019

Medicare Funding Boost a Win for Eating Disorder Treatment

Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Government regarding its commitment to improve access and affordability for those seeking eating disorder treatment in Australia. Media release

December 2018

New National Nutrition Policy is the Key for Future Health

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) calls for a New National Nutrition Policy, to unlock practical solutions to many of the 22 recommendations handed down by the Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia. Media release

December 2018

Aged Care Residents Starving for Change

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) welcomes the Royal Commission into the Aged Care sector, however warns aged care residents will continue to go hungry in the process with potentially dire consequences. DA urges the Government to recognise the serious nutrition issues of the sector and that solutions are available to address this right now. Media release

September 2018

New Research: Dietary Variety is Key to Good Health

After new research released by Cochrane found that taking omega 3 supplements provided no additional benefit in reducing risk or occurrence of heart disease, dietitians are encouraging Australians to review their diet rather than their medicine cabinet when it comes to looking after their health. Media release

July 2018

Dietitians Australia Welcomes New CEO

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is pleased to announce Robert Hunt as their new Chief Executive Officer. After commencing as the interim CEO in May, Robert will continue in this position, based at the Association’s National Office in Canberra. Media release

July 2018

Gut-Friendly Foods Key in the Fight Against Winter Bugs

Looking after your gut bacteria, by choosing whole foods and prioritising probiotics, may be the key to warding off the flu this winter, according to dietitians. Media release Background

May 2018

Dietitians bowled over by café cake and muffin sizes

Australian coffee chains are selling café muffins the size of soft balls instead of tennis balls, according to new research presented at the Dietitians Association of Australia National Conference in Sydney this week. Media release

May 2018

Hidden hunger in Australia worse than first thought

New research has found one in three low- and middle-income Australian families struggle with food insecurity, or a lack of access to sufficient food – with diet quality taking a backseat to simply putting food on the table.  Media release

May 2018

New research: Omega-6 fats may help prevent cognitive decline

Australian-first research has found eating a diet higher in omega-6 fats to be associated with better cognition in older Australians. Media release

May 2018

Expanding access to Accredited Practising Dietitians at the heart of the Dietitians Australia’s pre-budget submission

In the lead-up to the 2018-19 Federal Budget, the Dietitians Association of Australia is calling on the Government to invest in a healthier population by expanding access to Accredited Practising Dietitians under Medicare. Media release

April 2018

New Survey: Dietitians Trump Internet and Celebrities for Nutrition Advice

Despite an overload of nutrition information from the internet, social media, celebrities and wellness gurus, a new survey shows most Australians strongly back the advice of a qualified nutrition professional. Media release

February 2018

Dietitians Dish Up Christmas Cheer

Christmas is all about celebrating with good food and loved ones. Dietitians share their ingredients on how they create a happy and healthy festive season. Media release Background information

December 2017

New study: Poor nutrition in Aboriginal children starts from first foods

New research suggests fruit and vegetables are luxuries for young Aboriginal children in remote locations, with a third (33%) missing out on these nutritious foods. Media release.

November 2017

New research: Primary school canteens outstrip secondary schools, but both need backing to meet nutrition guidelines

As thousands of children head back to school for the second half of the school year, dietitians are calling for better support for school canteens to improve their ‘marks’ on the healthy food front. Media release

July 2017

Struggling to get your daily dose of veggies? Tap into the power of soup this winter

Plant-based diets are one of the biggest health trends this year, but despite this most Australians struggle to meet their daily vegetable quota. The answer, according to dietitians, could be as simple as a humble bowl of soup. Media release.

June 2017

High prices plague healthy foods at Australian school canteens

The first Australia-wide study of pricing in school canteens has found most schools are selling less healthy, nutrient-poor items at a fraction of the cost of nutritious choices. Media release

May 2017

New research: Aussies missing out on benefits of cereal fibre

Dietitians are urging Aussies to eat their way to good health by tapping into whole grains and high-fibre cereal foods, as new research shows most of us take in just half of what we need. Media release

May 2017

Australians spending the majority of food budget on junk food

New research shows Australian households spend the majority (58%) of their food budget on discretionary or ‘junk’ foods and drinks, including take-aways (14%) and sugar-sweetened beverages (4%). Media release

May 2017

Our sunburnt country needs a dose of the sunshine vitamin

New research shows vitamin D deficiency is rife in sunny Australia, prompting dietitians to encourage Aussies to couple safe sun exposure with a healthy ‘dose’ of nutrient-rich foods containing vitamin D.  Media release

May 2017

University students missing out on the health front

New research finds that a massive 93 per cent of university students do not eat the necessary serves of fruit and vegetable that will support them to study effectively. Media release

May 2017

Dietitians: ‘Warmth’ of the 2017 health budget not felt by all

The peak body for dietitians has welcomed measures in last night’s budget to ‘unfreeze’ Medicare, but says 2019 is too long to wait for the changes to filter through to allied health practitioners, such as dietitians. Media release

May 2017

World Iron Awareness Week: spotlighting the highs and lows of dietary iron

Haemochromatosis Australia and the Dietitians Association of Australia are urging Australians to have their iron levels checked before starting supplementation, as symptoms of iron overload are similar to those experienced when iron levels are too low. Media release

May 2017

New research – University vending machines fail the healthy food test

The first study of its kind in Australia has found unhealthy food and drinks vastly outweigh healthier options in university vending machines, with dietitians calling for an overhaul of on-campus vending machines.  Media release

April 2017

Mental Health Crunch Time: Tackling physical health improves outlook

People living with mental illness could add years to their lives with the right support to get their physical health on track, according to the Dietitians Association of Australia, Exercise & Sports Science Australia and the Australian Psychological Society who have issued a joint position statement. Media release.

March 2017

Dietitians Australia launches Reconciliation Action Plan

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is lauching its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which maps out the Association’s commitment to building the relationships, respect and opportunities essential to reconciliation. Media release

February 2017

Budget friendly foods help university results

As university students return for another year of study, Australia’s peak body for dietitians is urging them to consider their risk of food insecurity, a nutritional issue that can affect energy levels and academic results. Media release

February 2017

Millennials: Fancy some home cooking with your café culture?

Millennials were called out for their café-hopping habits in 2016 – and this year, on the back of new research, dietitians are urging young Aussies to translate their love of food into their own kitchen, striking a balance between the café culture and home cooking. Media release

February 2017

Kitchen creativity helps Aussies reach health goals

More than a third of Australians would like to eat more vegetables, according to research commissioned by the Dietitians Association of Australia, as part of their Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) campaign. Media release

February 2017

Launch event: Australia’s Healthy Weight Week – tenth anniversary

Join Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) ambassadors Dr Andrew Rochford and Sprout duo – celebrity cook Callum Hann and dietitian Themis Chryssidis – at the Dietitians Association of Australia’s national launch of the 10th AHWW campaign. Media release

February 2017

Dietitians: We’re surrounded by food porn, but let’s tap into our Dietary Guidelines

It’s not exactly news that, as a nation, we’re trying our luck with fad diets, but a new survey reveals just how few of us have turned to our country’s Australian Dietary Guidelines to help us eat better. Media release

February 2017

Research: Aussie dads in the kitchen boost kids’ health

New research has revealed Aussie dads take on a greater responsibility for cooking than men without children, highlighting the important contribution dads make to their family and the positive influence they have on their kids’ health. Media release

February 2017

Don’t worry, lowering the bar on home cooking is still healthy

Despite the benefits of home cooking, a new survey shows cooking at home is lower on the ‘to do’ list of many Aussies looking to improve their health in 2017, prompting dietitians to suggest… Media release

February 2017

Network Ten celebrities invite Aussies to take part in Healthy Weight Week

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) has today announced that some very famous friends of Network Ten’s children’s cooking show, Crocamole, are getting behind this year’s Australia’s Healthy Weight Week (AHWW) campaign including … Media release

February 2017

Plan for ‘Smart Eating’ this Australia Day

As we prepare to celebrate all things Australian on 26 January, the nation’s peak body for nutrition professionals is launching a new website, full of recipes, healthy eating tips and nutrition information to share with your mates. Media release

January 2017

New research: Cooking shows kick goals

As celebrity cooking shows gear up for more ratings wins in 2017, dietitians are encouraging Aussies to buy into the hype, with Australian-first research showing they could be a powerful weapon in motivating people to eat more vegetables. Media release

January 2017

Aussies wasting time and money on pricey fad diets

New research shows many Australians are turning to costly quick-fixes for weight loss, prompting dietitians to warn against wasting money on short-lived weight loss results. Media release

January 2017

Research – Young Aussies jump on the fad diet bandwagon 

Young Australians seem immune to the warnings about dubious ‘A list’ diets, with new research showing they are more likely to jump on the fad diet bandwagon, compared with older Australians. Media release

January 2017

Taste of Tassie: Gourmet farmer and dietitians celebrate love of food

Gourmet farmer, Matthew Evans, is joining forces with Tasmanian dietitians to showcase high-quality, local produce to the nation’s nutrition professionals. Media release

December 2016

Give older Australians a gift of good nutrition this Christmas

Australia’s peak body for dietitians is urging Australians to enjoy a meal with older relatives, friends and neighbours this festive season, to promote social connectedness and help fend off malnutrition – a sad side-effect of loneliness among older Australians. Media release

December 2016

Health groups: Closing the gap needs urgent action to overcome food insecurity

The health gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians is set to widen unless urgent action is taken to address availability and affordability of nutrtitious food among Indigenous communities, leading health organisations have warned. Media release

November 2016

Sugary foods and drinks: Decades of advice from dietitians

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is pleased to see the release of a Grattan Institute report reiterating calls for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. DAA looks forward to seeing public policy initiatives seriously considered by the Australian Government, as a result of this renewed push. Media release

November 2016

Eating like a finals hero: Hawks reveal what it takes to fuel a premiership team

Hawthorn stars are kicking goals on the field and in the kitchen, with the finals favourites revealing their top home-cooked meals to fuel a gruelling finals series. Media release

August 2016

Dietitians: Save money by spring cleaning your pantry

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is urging Australians to keep their pantry stocked with healthy staples to help minimize food waste, starting with a pantry clean-out to extend their food budget this spring. Media release

August 2016

New research: Diet habits of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome

New research has found women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are on the wrong diet track, putting their health at risk. Media release

August 2016

New research: Natural chemicals in vegetables cut risk of insulin resistance

In the first study of its kind, research has uncovered another string to the ‘health bow’ of vegetables, showing carotenoids, the natural plant chemical in vegies, may halve the risk of insulin resistance in adults, a major risk factor for some of the country’s biggest killers. Media release

July 2016

Help at hand for people watching their weight

Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders have developed a portable and easy-to-use method to help people estimate portion size using only their hands. Media release

July 2016

National Nutrition Pledge Deserves Bipartisan Support

The nations peak nutrition body has welcomed the Australian Labor Party’s pledge of $10 million into its proposed National Nutrition Framework for preventing chronic disease, tackling obesity, and alcohol misuse.  Media release

June 2016

Stay well this winter with winning meals

After a bumper cold and flu season last year, dietitians are urging Australians to boost their immune system this winter by tapping into nutritious comfort foods. Media release

June 2016

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