Honorary Life Member

A member who has given long, continued and outstanding service to the profession of dietetics may be elected by the Board as an Honorary Life Member. Nominations close 15 March each year.

Current Honorary Life Members

Awarded 2020

Ruth Dumont has contributed significantly to the profession of dietetics and been a DA member for over 40 years.  During this period she has been an active and well-respected dietitian, renown for her contribution to renal dietetics.

Ruth graduated from WA Institute of Technology (now Curtin University) in 1979 and began working as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) at Royal Perth Hospital. She began specialising in renal dietetics in 1987, and became a Senior dietitian in 2004. She has been working in a Coordinator role since 2011 at Joondalup Health Campus.

She has had crucial roles in renal guidelines and role statements that have been developed for dietitians in Australia and New Zealand. Ruth has contributed significantly to Renal interest groups, as the Coordinator of the DA WA Renal IG since 2009 and the co-Convenor of the DA National Renal IG since 2013.

Since 2008, she has been a member of the steering group and a presenter for the Postgraduate Renal Nutrition Program. Ruth also assists in providing the Dietitians Update day at the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology conferences since 2009.

Ruth also lectures regularly in the Dietetics course at several Perth universities and supervises student dietitians on placement.

Ruth has made significant contributions to dietetics and to DA as a respected leader of renal dietetics. Her contributions during her 40 years as an APD guide other dietitians’ practices on many levels. As outlined, her contributions include developing evidence-based guidelines and role statements, chairing IGs, coordinating and developing education programs and seminars, providing lectures to University students, and providing guidance and mentoring to individuals. In all areas of Ruth’s work, she contributes generously and selflessly. Ruth Dumont is worthy of the prestigious DA Honorary Life Membership award in recognition of her eminent contribution to dietetics.

Awarded 2019

Liz has been a member of DA for more than 40 years, providing high level contributions to a wide variety of DA activities during that time.

Liz first began her contribution to Dietetics in Australia by being a Board Director for 4 years (1976-1980) for the Australian Association of Dietitians (AAD) before we became DA. She was the SA Branch Chair in 1983. She later returned to the DAA Board in 2005, becoming Vice President in 2012-2013 and then was elected for 2 consecutive terms as President 2013-2017. She has chaired numerous committees and been the DA’s representative in key areas on many occasions. Liz’s contributions have previously been recognised by being awarded the DA Outstanding Contribution Award in 2002 and the DA National Service Award in 2009. Liz was awarded the title of Fellow of DA in 2016, one of the few non-Academic candidates to receive this level of recognition.

Not only has Liz been a leader of the profession through her involvement in DA, but also in her clinical career. She was the Manager of Nutrition Education for the Children’s Health Development Foundation in the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital for 10 years. The function of this role was to improve the health of school children in South Australia, working with a wide variety of stakeholders to provide programs, resources, education for teachers and other school staff. This position also involved tendering for Commonwealth funded research projects and grants. Liz was closely involved in development of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, a 3 year project which once again involved working closely with a wide variety of different health experts to deliver key educational resources for the Australian community. Improving school canteens was another area where Liz has had significant influence. She led the development of the school canteen manual for South Australian schools and the setting up of the South Australia School Canteen Association. She was also played a key role in developing the area of food safety in schools in South Australia.

Liz then went on to become the Manager of Nutrition and Dietetics at Finders Medical Centre in 2002. During this time, she was a member of several committees and working parties for both the hospital and Flinders University. She managed a large Dietetic department and was responsible for managing the external food services provider for the hospital. Liz retired from Flinders Medical Centre in 2014 to devote more time to the role of DA President.

Since retiring from work and completing her role as DA President, Liz has remained a regular contributor to DA, not the least of which has been her help to and support of the new CEO, Robert Hunt. Liz has remained committed to DA by ensuring Robert is well informed of important aspects of previous DA positions and actions. From personal experience, I know she has given him valuable insight into where we have come from and no doubt will continue to influence where we will be going to in the future.

Liz Kellett has provided long and outstanding service to our profession since she graduated from the University of Sydney as a dietitian in 1975. She has been a member since graduation and has been an active participant and then leader in our profession. That Liz is well known and respected across all areas of Dietetics and in all age groups of dietitians is evidenced by the variety of members who have agreed to endorse this nomination. Rather than being a leader on one particular field, we can safely say that Liz has been a leader in many different areas of Dietetics and has influenced several generations of dietitians. Liz has been a mentor and role model for many of DA’s members and her legacy of quality leadership should be recognised by conferment of the Award of Honorary Life Member of DA.

Awarded 2017

Throughout her career Trish has demonstrated a clear passion for, and commitment to, public health nutrition. Her tireless dedication and exemplary vision has advanced dietetics, both in the public health arena and the wider profession, as well as positively impacting the community through various initiatives she has enabled. Not only has her hard work and dedication influenced the profession within South Australia, but also nationally, through her roles in DA at an executive level, both Branch and national, and as a strong and inspiring public health nutrition advocate.

Prior to the formation of the national DA body, Trish was a highly active member in the South Australian Nutrition and Dietetic Association, including roles as secretary, vice-president and president, from 1974 to 1983. She has been a member of DA for 40 years. She became an Accredited Practising Dietitian when the scheme was first introduced. She has consistently advocated for and supported DA initiatives, as well as encouraged membership to DA in her considerable networks.

Despite her busy role as Principal Advisor, Public Health Nutrition at SA Health, Trish ensured that dietetics was represented in imperative key state and regional committees and forums, and consistently advocated for the profession to have a voice in SA Health reforms and new initiatives.

Key nutrition policies Trish led include state level policies for schools and preschools, the state directional policy for nutrition and physical activity and the Eat Well Be Active Strategy for South Australia 2011-2016.

Trish has demonstrated national leadership through her experience as the South Australian representative on various national committees such as the Strategic Inter-Governmental Nutrition Alliance and the Commonwealth Food and Health Dialogue (now Healthy Food Partnership). Further, Trish has had significant involvement in national working groups, such as the team established to strengthen industry self-regulation on unhealthy food marketing to children.

Another area which reflects Trish’s contribution to dietetics is her initiation and support of strategies to build capacity of the profession, particularly dietitians working in less supported areas in Country Health SA, public health nutrition and in community-based services.

Despite Trish’s vast workload, she has always made herself available to support the training of new dietitians, through the dietetic programs at Flinders University and the University of South Australia. Trish has been generous in her offers to supervise final year dietetic students to undertake their public health nutrition placements and benefit from her mentoring. In 2008, she was awarded full academic status at Flinders University in recognition of her substantial contribution to teaching, supervising students and contributing to the Flinders University Nutrition and Dietetics Course Strategic Advisory Group.

Trish has been a huge inspiration to dietitians and dietitians-to-be who share her passion for public health nutrition. Trish remains a nutrition champion; well-recognised and respected throughout dietetics and public health setting by her peers and key stakeholders as the leader in public health nutrition.

Trish’s contribution has previously been acknowledged on several occasions through a number of DA awards.

Awarded 2017

During her long career Lynne has made outstanding contributions to the profession in the fields of paediatrics and academia as well as a wide range of voluntary contributions to DA.

After working in clinical paediatrics, she completed her PhD on the selenium status of pre-term infants, resulting in her appointment as the first dietitian head of the Nutrition and Dietetics program at Flinders University in 1988. This was the beginning of stellar academic career, evidenced by 122 peer reviewed publications in top ranking journals, and over 2500 citations. She has mentored countless students and she is still sought out for her rigour and support not only by recently graduated dietitians but also very senior colleagues.

Lynne’s research excellence extends nationally and internationally. She has contributed to both rounds of the Dietary Reference Values Working Parties. Her appointment to the FSANZ Board from 2013-2016 was testament to her influence on government policy in food and nutrition especially around infant feeding.

She was appointed to Queensland University of Technology in 2006 as one of the Vice Chancellor’s Research Capacity Building Professors and in the 10 years to her retirement, that is exactly what she did, resulting in the very small Nutrition and Dietetics discipline achieving a university ranking of international standard. The last 5 years of her career were spent as the Head of the newly formed School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. On her recent retirement, Lynne was awarded an Emeritus Professorship, one of the highest honours in the University in recognition of her exemplary service.

Her service to DA is longstanding, including being a Board member and Vice President in 1989, a member of various national education committees (NOOSR Panel in Dietetics, DSAAC, ADC) and as an associated editor and relieving editor of the Nutrition and Dietetics journal.

Lynne was asked to lead the first accreditation site visit of a course in New Zealand by the NZ Registration Board. Lynne was awarded an Outstanding Contribution award in 2012. In 2016, Lynne achieved the Fellow credential.

Awarded 2014

In a career spanning forty years, Margaret has provided professional leadership at state and national level in a number of areas of public health nutrition.

Margaret has been a pioneer and advocate for comprehensive nutrition programs and campaigns and was the first to apply social marketing techniques, which have been successfully used in numerous public health initiatives. This includes the highly successful ‘2 Fruit ‘n’ 5 Veg’ campaign, which has been recognised nationally and internationally. Margaret continues to have a stellar career in public health nutrition.

Margaret’s dietetic teaching career began in 1977 at Curtin University and she continues to provide input to nutrition training through supervision and assessment of Honours, Masters and PhD student projects and supervision of stude