Research Grants and Scholarships

Fay McDonald Scholarship

The DA Fay McDonald scholarship supports a higher degree or other approved study program related to developing professional practice in food service management. It is available to APD practitioners with an interest in pursuing this aspect of dietetic practice and may be awarded over a maximum of three (3) years to a total value of up to $20,000. Calls for applications will be advertised biennially.  Applications open in eligible years and close 30 September.


  • Annie-Claude Lassemilante
  • Danielle Cave

2016 – Four part scholarships were shared between:

  • Jorja Collins
  • Susan Tench
  • Ella Ottrey
  • Megan Scott

2014 – No recipient

2013 – Susan Davis

Susan Davis Proposed Study: Master Certificate in Foodservice Management at Cornell University Contribution to improving practice in the area of foodservice management: The experience gained from completing this course will benefit future students on food service placement at The Canberra Hospital (up to 20 students per year). Knowledge will also be shared with the DA membership via presentation at a DA food service Interest Group CPD event. Sharing is also planned with food service colleagues, particularly regarding new methods of meal ordering and production and financial management.

2013 – Olivia Farrer

Olivia Farrer Proposed Study: Master Certificate in Foodservice Management at Cornell University Contribution to improving practice in the area of foodservice management: The knowledge gained throughout this course will benefit not only my research in food service management, in particular menu development, but also my depth of knowledge in teaching students food service management. This information will be shared with my colleagues and the application of the learning will be disseminated through research outcomes and intended presentation of findings in publications and conference presentation.

2012 – Kirsty Maunder (partial)

Kirsty Maunder (second round as only a partial scholarship was awarded in 2011) Proposed study program: A detailed foodservice and dietetic research study combined with formal education in the form of the completion of the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Dietetic Practice and the commencement of a Doctor of Philosophy. The purpose of the study is to make a significant research contribution to foodservice management in relation to menu ordering systems within the hospital environment. Contribution to improving practice in the area of foodservice management: On completion of this study it is expected the findings will; be reported in a peer reviewed journal;  be presented at the next available DA and IHHC conferences;  support the rollout of a bedside ordering system at the study hospital (in line with the rest of the hospitals within that organisation);  guide future direction for menu ordering systems of new and existing hospitals;  encourage further research in this area of foodservices (as there are few published evaluation studies on this topic).

2011 – Jane Kellett  (partial)

Proposed Study: Master Certificate in Foodservice Management at Cornell University Contribution to improving practice in the area of foodservice management: The experienced gained from completing this course will be of benefit to future students of the University of Canberra as the knowledge will be shared with them as part of the ‘Food Service Management’ curriculum. The experience will also be used in the roles held at DA of Dietetic Skills Recognition Examiner, DA MCQ Project member and Accreditation Reviewer.

2009 – Karen Abbey

Project Title: Better practice in food and nutrition services ‐ menu planning and menu design to deliver optimal nutrition to residential aged care. The purpose of the study is to make a significant contribution to foodservice management processes, menu functionality and foodservice delivery practices in residential aged care facilities. This will be achieved through an investigation of the factors underpinning menu design in these settings throughout Australia with comparison to those in Canada and to a lesser extent, other nations. Canada has been selected as the organisation of health systems is similar to that in Australia. Based on this evidence, an intervention to improve the nutritional density of meals in residential aged care will be devised, implemented and evaluated. This may involve the trial of an innovative menu and corresponding delivery system, the fortification of food items which may or may not be present on the original menu and/or the introduction or improvement of nutrient‐dense snacks between meals. These findings will be related to several resident outcomes, including weight maintenance, nutritional status, food intake/wastage and resident foodservice satisfaction.

The DA International Congress of Dietetics (ICD) 2012 LEAP (Leadership, Evidence and Advancing Practice) Travel Grant

This travel grant is for a member of DA who is a novice researcher to present their work in human nutrition at an international conference or meeting either overseas or in Australia and where an abstract has been accepted for an oral presentation.  Eligible research areas of nutrition and dietetics include clinical, community, industry education/training, health promotion, private practice food service, research and public health.

The award is valued at up to $2000 and is available annually on successful application submission. Applications due 30 September annually (from 2017 onwards).

  • Margot Rogers
  • Lee-Anne Chapple
  • Miranda Blake
  • Stephanie Partridge
  • Kate Wingrove
  • Jun Shi Lai
  • Teagan Kucianski

DA Small Grants

The DA Small Grants Policy is currently under review. Members will be informed of the new Small Grants structure once this has been approved.

2021 –

Rhiannon Crane: ViEws of NUtrition in patients with Scleroderma and their treating Physicians: The VENUS study

Tennealle Direen: Nutritional prehabilitation in patients with rectal cancer: improving nutritional status and attenuating sarcopenia

2020- No Recipient

2014- Robyn Delbridge: A Community of Practice for Dietitians and Nutritionists working in Indigenous Health

2014- Lauren Le Fevre: Is two days of intermittent fasting per week a feasible weight loss approach in obese war veterans? A pilot study.

2013- Kelly Squires: Evaluating service delivery to improve maternal and foetal health and nutrition outcomes for women with gestational diabetes mellitus

2013- Jessica Abbott: Validating a novel, low cost, automated malnutrition screening system as a predictor of nutritional risk in the Oncology Day Care Unit

2012- Liza Wallis: The relationship between social exclusion and food insecurity: are Dietitians seeing the bigger picture?

2012- Simone McCoy: Drivers of weight gain in Liver Transplant recipients.

2011- Lisa Sossen: The effect of nutritional supplementation and a High Energy High Protein Diet on unintentional weight loss in elderly residents: an evaluation of nutritional outcomes and cost benefits to Residential Aged Care Facilities.

2010- Dr Therese O’Sullivan: Incorporating Standardised Nutrition Language into E‐Health Records for Dietitians.

2010- Dr Liz Isenring: Updating the DA Cancer Cachexia and Radiation Therapy Evidence Based Practice guidelines via Wiki technology: a feasibility study.

2009- Alexis Hure: Development of evidence‐based best‐practice guidelines for nutrient supplementation in pregnancy.

2009- Leonie Pearce: Peri operative immunonutrition for head and neck cancer surgery.

Postgraduate Research Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2004 with the generous support from DA Corporate Partner, Unilever Australia, with the aim of supporting more practice based dietetics research in Australia. Unilever supported the scholarship through a Program Partnership until 2012, during which time the scholarship supported a research higher degree related to practice-based research that developed or extended the evidence base in the area of cardiovascular disease and other related health issues.

The Postgraduate Research Scholarship is not currently available.

2009-2012 –  Janice Sangster

2004-2008 – Melinda Morrison

Branch Continuing Education Grants

For Branch Continuing Professional Development (CPD) grants please refer to the relevant State/Territory Branch in Share Plate (Members only).