Dietitians Australia joined Cancer Council NSW and 12 other health organisations in a call for the NSW government to remove unhealthy food advertising from property owned by, or contracted to, the NSW Government. Particularly public transport. 

Food advertising influences children’s food choices and consumption. Protecting children from unhealthy food marketing is recognised worldwide as vital to address obesity rates. It is also a policy achievement in the National Preventive Health Strategy 2021-2030.  

The NSW Government’s leadership and commitment to improving the food environment and the health of the NSW community must extend to policies for advertising space in publicly owned or controlled places. The current practice of accepting money for advertising from companies that make and sell unhealthy foods and drinks conflicts with healthy eating advice. It also contributes to the ubiquitous promotion of these foods to children. 

Responsible policy action to restrict unhealthy food marketing supports existing program investments in NSW to promote healthy eating among children and families. It is also timely, given the impact of COVID-19 and the increased risk posed by COVID-19 to those living with obesity. 

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