Submitted to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

Dietitians Australia welcomed the opportunity to provide a submission to the FSANZ consultation on proposal P1059 regarding energy labelling on alcohol beverages.

Dietitians Australia support the implementation of standardised, mandated, evidence-informed energy labels on alcoholic products to help support Australians to make informed dietary decisions.

Alcoholic beverages benefit from special treatment. At present, they are exempted from international conventions that govern all other psychoactive substances and from key food legislation that requires labelling of ingredients and nutritional information.

Dietitians Australia support the following FSANZ proposals regarding the format of energy labelling:

  • to require the energy content on alcoholic products be provided in kilojoules,
  • to require energy content information be provided on alcoholic beverages per 100ml of the beverage
  • to apply the information consistently to all categories of alcoholic products.

For more, download our full submission.

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