Submitted to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Dietitians Australia has submitted feedback on a draft framework that will help form the National Health Literacy Strategy.

The development of the National Health Literacy Strategy is one of 8 immediate priorities under the National Preventive Health Strategy 2021-2023.

The Literacy Strategy will aim to help Australians understand information about health and health care, and how to apply that information in their lives.

Our submission offers feedback on the draft framework, including:

  • Does the framework capture the important components?
  • Is the proposed vision appropriate for the National Health Literacy Strategy?
  • Are the key principles captured?
  • Are the aims the right ones for achieving the vision of the National Health Literacy Strategy?
  • Are the categories for the leaders and partners who will mobilise health literacy action appropriate? Are there any other leaders and partners that should be included?

Dietitians Australia supports the broad direction of the framework and welcomes the public consultation on the draft Literacy Strategy in early 2023.

For more, download our response to the consultation.

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