Submitted to Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Dietitians Australia supports the implementation of standardised, mandated, evidence-informed energy labels on alcoholic products to help support Australians to make informed dietary decisions. 

Dietitians Australia welcomes the transparency in results provided, however notes the inclusion of using the term ‘serving size’ as a concern given there is no standard unit measure for serving size for alcoholic beverages nor is there is a safe amount of alcohol that does not affect health. 

Dietitians Australia support the label header (Energy Statement) and inclusion of a standardised reference amount (100ml). 

 Dietitians Australia strongly supports the FSANZ decisions to not permit percentage dietary intake (%DI) information in an energy statement and continues to advocate for the economic burden of alcohol-related harms (in their entirety) to be considered in the cost and benefit assessment. 

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