Accreditation of Dietetics Education Programs

Benefits of Accreditation

DA is committed to working collaboratively with universities that educate dietitians. Through its accreditation processes, DA plays a key role in evaluating university programs against the National Competency Standards for Dietitians. The DA ensures a high standard of dietetics education is maintained via an accreditation process that provides external validation of program objectives and outcomes. This process also ensures that the needs of the dietetics profession will be met by graduates into the future.

A graduate of a DA accredited dietetics program is eligible to become a DA member with dietetic qualifications and to join the Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) Program. All DA accredited dietetics programs are required to reapply for accreditation on a regular basis.

The requirement for accreditation as the basis for the APD credential has helped to secure formal recognition of the dietetics profession by a number of key stakeholders, including the Australian Government, Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and most private health funds.

Accreditation Process

DAA has a national accreditation system, including on-site visits. The accreditation process includes review of a program’s governance, staffing, resources, curriculum, professional placement program, and processes for international students, as described in the Accreditation Standards for Dietetics Education Programs.

There are three types of accreditation processes for dietetics programs:

  • Provisional accreditation indicates that, although it is not yet possible to evaluate the graduate outcomes, DA is satisfied that the university has adequately prepared to commence a program that meets the requirements for accreditation, including education of students in all areas of the National Competency Standards.
  • Full accreditation indicates that DA is satisfied that the program complies with the DA accreditation requirements. DA accredit dietetic programs for a maximum 5 year period.
  • Re-accreditation describes the process of a fully accredited program maintaining accreditation standards. DA provides accreditation for a maximum 5 year period.

For more information please see the Accreditation Standards and Processes page, or contact DA Accreditation Services:
T: 02 6189 1200