Mutual Recognition

The aim of a mutual recognition agreement is to simplify the assessment of qualifications, skills and currency of practice.

Both Accredited Practising Dietitians and dietitians educated outside Australia may need to sit a credentialing examination and secure the appropriate visa/work permit to enable them to practise dietetics in the country where they are seeking recognition.

Mutual recognition with New Zealand

The Dietitians Australia (DAA) and the New Zealand Dietitians Board (NZDB) have entered into a Voluntary Relationship Charter for the Mutual Recognition of Dietetic Standards.

Mutual Recognition agreement with Canada

The Mutual Recognition agreement with Canada is no longer current.  Canadian qualified dietitians must now complete the Dietetic Skills Recognition process.

Any enquiries from members of the College of Dietitians in Ontario (CDO) can be directed to the DSR Administrator. Application form for members of the College of Dietitians in Ontario (CDO). For APD’s considering going to Ontario please refer to the College of Dietitians in Ontario (CDO) website. The CDO’s recency of practise requirements have recently been updated. Please ensure you read through the new requirements before applying. All questions relating to Dietetics in Ontario should be directed to them.

What about other countries?

If you are an Australian qualified dietitian interesting in having your dietetic qualification recognised overseas please contact the appropriate Dietetic Association or Registration Board. A list of International Dietetic Associations is available at

If you are a DA member, the Working Overseas Discussion Group may be of interest to you. Please see Working Overseas Discussion Group for more details.

Are you an overseas qualified dietitian?

If you qualified as a dietitian outside of Australia (other than New Zealand), for you to work as a dietitian in Australia the majority of employers will require you to have completed Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) to enable you to be eligible for membership of DA and the Accredited Practising Dietitian program (APD program).


Please contact our DSR Administrator.