How to Join the APD Program

Have you completed a DA accredited University dietetics program, the Dietetic Skills recognition (DSR) exams or do you have mutual recognition from an eligible country?

If yes, than you are eligible to join the APD program. How you join the program will depend on how long ago you completed your qualifications and whether you have been working as a dietitian.

  • If you are a member of DA already please see the APD Handbook.

If not, please read the information below to find out more about how you can join the program.

Have you graduated from your accredited dietetics program or completed Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) within the past 3 years? Or, have you been an active Full APD within the past 3 years? 

You can enter the APD program without meeting any additional requirements. You will need to be a current financial member of DA and in an APD eligible membership category, i.e. not in the ‘student’, ‘retired’ or ‘not working in a related industry’ categories or pay an annual APD credential fee.

Please follow the following steps to join the APD program:

Are you a dietitian who graduated more than 3 years ago and have not actively participated in the APD program within the past 3 years?

You will need to enter the APD Program via an alternate pathway:

  • delayed entry
  • Resumption of Accredited Practice (RoAP)
  • alternate process.

Each of these are summarised in the APD Policy.

To apply for entry via an alternate pathway you will need to submit an initial application. This application will help to determine which pathway you are eligible for.

To apply, please submit the following to documents to our APD Administrator:

Once your application has been reviewed, we will advise you which pathway you are eligible for. Additional fees may apply depending on which pathway you follow.

If you successfully completed the DSR exams more than 3 years ago and did not join or actively participate in the APD program within this time, your entry pathways may vary.

Please contact to discuss your situation.

What am I required to do once I join the program?

As an APD you will need to complete regular professional development (30 hours annually) as well as meet a dietetic practice requirement. You will need to commit to our Code of Conduct for Dietitians & Nutritionists.

If you join as a Provisional APD (which will be most applicants, unless you’ve had over 5 years’ experience as a dietitian and successfully apply via Alternate Process) you will need to find yourself a mentor, who is a full status APD. You need to engage in face to face monthly mentoring meetings for a minimum of 52 weeks. The mentor can help support you both personally and professionally as you begin or return to your career as a dietitian. You will have two years to complete your Provisional program.