How to make a complaint

Making a complaint against an Accredited Practising Dietitian or a Member of DA

Dietitians Australia takes its responsibility for safe quality dietetic practice very seriously. The Dietetic Credentialing Council (DCC), a Council that is independent from the Dietitians Australia Board, is responsible for the management and coordination of the complaints and disciplinary processes and procedures.

Accredited Practising Dietitians and members of Dietitians Australia agree to abide by the Dietitians Australia Code of Conduct. Our aim is to ensure that all practitioners achieve safe and quality practice.

Please note: Dietitians Australia can only act on complaints about Accredited Practising Dietitians and members of the Association.

If you are unhappy with some aspect of your treatment or believe that the dietitian has acted inappropriately, it is best to attempt to speak to the dietitian in the first instance and voice your concerns. Most issues can be dealt with this way, especially if there has been a misunderstanding.

However, if this approach doesn’t work, you don’t feel comfortable doing this, or the matter is more serious, you may consider:

  • If the dietitian is employed in a health service, hospital, large practice or organisation, speak to their supervisor or consider using the formal complaints process
  • Make a complaint to the Dietitians Australia
  • Discuss your concerns and lodge a complaint with the healthcare complaints body in your state or territory.

If the person you wish to make a complaint about is not a dietitian, you will need to contact their registration body (e.g. AHPRA) or the relevant health complaints body in your state or territory.

Frequently Asked Questions

A complaint may be made by anyone concerned about the quality or safety of services provided by a dietitian.

  1. By referring to the Code Of Conduct prior to submitting your complaint, as this may help you to clearly illustrate the specifics of your concerns
  2. Complete the complaint form to provide details of the incident or situation that you would like to bring to our attention
  3. Email the completed form to or post to: DCC Secretariat, Dietitians Australia, 1/8 Phipps Close, Deakin, ACT 2600 and mark the envelope ‘Confidential’.

NB. If you have a disability preventing you from completing and/or sending a written form, please call us on 02 6189 1200.

  • That your complaint will be treated seriously and confidentially, in line with the By-Law Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures
  • You should expect acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint within seven (7) business days, via the email and/or postal address that you provided
  • Where necessary, we are committed to providing remediation via extra mentoring, education or other practice guidance/peer support
  • Suspension or expulsion sanctions are only considered where remediation is insufficient or the practitioner is unwilling to accept or participate in the process
State or Territory Complaints body
ACT Health Services Commissioner
NSW Health Care Complaints Commission
NT Health and Community Services Complaints Commission
QLD Office of the Health Ombudsman
SA Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner
TAS Health Complaints Commissioner
VIC Health Complaints Commissioner
WA Health and Disability Services Complaints Office



It is helpful to refer to the Code of Conduct for Dietitians & Nutritionists prior to submitting your complaint. Please complete the below form and email your completed form to

word doc

Complaint Form (Word doc)

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