Our Advocacy Policy

Dietitians Australia is committed to improving the nation’s health and promoting the dietetic profession. Advocacy is essential for Dietitians Australia to achieve its vision and goals of the strategic plan. Advocacy relates to the following points of Dietitians Australia’s strategic objectives:

  • Empowerment
    • Build the capacity for advocacy within the membership
    • Maximise opportunities to utilise full scope of practice
  • Excellence
    • Champion the advancement of practice
    • Lead translation of evidence into practice
  • Engagement
    • Build member satisfaction
    • Communicate credible and timely nutrition messages to the public

Dietitians Australia’s Advocacy Policy and process will involve the Dietitians Australia Board, the Advocacy and Policy Advisory Committee, member engagement committees, interest groups, key stakeholders and our thousands of members as appropriate and as directed by the CEO and Board.

You can view our Advocacy Policy document as either a PDF or MS Word DOCX file.