Developed by members of the Dietitians Australia Vegetarian Interest Group.

It lists the skills and knowledge of APDs in this area of practice.


  • Understanding of various reasons which motivate people to choose a vegetarian diet.
  • Knowledge of different types of vegetarian dietary patterns which include/exclude animal foods to different extents.
  • Knowledge of plant-based foods and their nutritional benefits.
  • An understanding of nutritional requirements impacted by vegetarian/plant-based diets during various stages of the lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of chronic diseases that are benefited by plant-based foods and vegetarian/plant based dietary patterns.
  • Practical meal planning advice and knowledge of wholefoods and proprietary foods commonly promoted to vegetarians.


  • Non-judgemental attitude with respect to an individual’s choice to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • Nutritional assessment to screen for and identify limiting nutrients on a plant-based diet.
  • Counselling skills to empower or assist clients to adopt nutritionally balanced plant based diets or meat-free meals.
  • Practical skills to plan, shop for and prepare plant-based meals and contemporary vegetarian menus.

Activities entry level APDs would conduct

  • Provide dietetic consultations for individuals, couples and families following or wishing to adopt, a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • Plan vegetarian and vegan menus for individuals and institutional food services.

Activities APDs working at a higher level would conduct

  • Provide plant-based food and nutrition consultancy services to corporations, governments and NGO’s.
  • Provide expert advice and commentary on plant-based foods and dietary patterns to media channels.

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