If you're an overseas-qualified dietitian, you must meet our criteria to apply for Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR).

When you apply for your DSR assessment, we'll need evidence to prove your eligibility.

DSR eligibility

Overseas-educated dietitians can apply for Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) to have their dietetic skills recognised by us. To be eligible to apply for DSR, you must meet these 5 criteria:

  • recognition as a dietitian in your country of qualification or practice
  • recency of practice
  • tertiary education program
  • English language skill
  • cultural awareness assessment

If you're an overseas resident with an accredited Australian dietetics degree, you won't need to apply for DSR.

If you need a skills assessment for an Australian visa, see skills migration assessment.

Recognition as a dietitian in your country of qualification or practice

You must have a valid dietetic registration, recognition or licence to practise in the country where you qualified. Or in the country where you currently practise.

If you don't have a current registration, you must be eligible to get one from your country's dietetic credentialing body.

Recency of practice

You must have recency of practice to apply for DSR.

Recency of practice for DSR means that within the past 3 years, you might have:

  • finished your dietetics degree, including if you've recently graduated
  • worked in dietetic practice, as described in the definition of dietetic practice in our APD policy.

Recency of practice is valid for 3 years and starts from the last date you worked as a dietitian or the date you graduated from a dietetic program. Your recency of practice must still be valid when you apply for and while you complete your DSR.

English language skills

You must meet our English language requirements.

Tertiary education program

You must hold an appropriate 4-year (or equivalent) tertiary degree. Your degree must meet our requirements for human biosciences and food and nutrition science content. And include at least 100 days of relevant practical placements.

Your degree program must meet the criteria for general courses in our Accreditation Standards for Dietetics Education Programs.

See all Australian accredited university courses.

Example of subjects

Here is an example of the subjects from an accredited Australian 4-year Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

This list shows the type of subjects we expect from your education program for you to be eligible to apply for a DSR assessment.

Year 1

  • Chemistry A
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Introductory Physiology A
  • Human Biology
  • Chemistry B
  • Food and Nutrition

Year 2

  • Biochemistry A (principles)
  • Food Chemistry
  • Human Physiology B
  • Health Promotion
  • Biostatistics
  • Biochemistry B (energy and metabolism)
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Nutritional Physiology C

Year 3

  • Metabolism and Nutrients
  • Human Nutrition and Research
  • Community and Public Health Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy 1
  • Research Project in Nutrition and Dietetics*

Year 4

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy 2
  • Food Service Management
  • Nutrition Communication and Counselling
  • Practicum in Medical Nutrition Therapy (at least 10 weeks)**
  • Practicum in Foodservice Management (at least 4 weeks)**
  • Practicum in Community/Public Health and Advocacy (at least 4 weeks)**

* Usually has equivalent credit weighting of 2 to 3 regular subjects.

** Australian students must complete at least 20 weeks of professional placement, so you'll need an extra 2 weeks in one of these areas.

Cultural awareness assessment

You will need to complete a reading program assessment task. This task is to ensure dietitians working in Australia have an acceptable level of knowledge about the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Learn more about our Australian Cultural Awareness Assessment.

Apply for DSR

Before you apply for DSR, please read our process for overseas-qualified dietitians.

Get in touch

If you have questions about our Dietetic Skills Recognition criteria, contact us at dsr@dietitiansaustralia.org.au

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