Before you sit for your Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) exams, you should study to refresh your dietetic knowledge. And to learn how dietitians practise in Australia.

We have many study resources you can use to help prepare for your exams.

Exam preparation resources

Our dietetic exams assess your ability to practise dietetics in Australia. The exam can cover any area of dietetic practice and the National Competency Standards.

We base our exam questions on the standard we expect of entry-level (new graduate) dietitians practising in Australia.

It's up to you to prepare for your DSR exams. And to make sure you understand what we expect of dietitians who practise in Australia.

Our resources can help you study.

MCQ exam

Learn more about the multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam and see sample MCQ exam questions.

Learn about the MCQ exam

Other exam preparation resources

National Competency Standards

Our dietetics exams test you against our National Competency Standards. You should review these to understand what we expect from dietitians who practise in Australia.

Our evidence guide gives you helpful information about the type of settings we might assess in your exams.


Finding a mentor can help you plan and prepare for your exams. Read our mentoring guide to find out how mentoring can help you as a DSR candidate.

Resource Library

As a DSR candidate, you can access our Resource Library database.

You can search our database for helpful practice recommendations and guidelines. And our eNCPT Reference Manual might help you learn about the standardised language used in Australia.

We will provide access to the library after the approval of your DSR exam application. We will provide details on how to access the library with your exam application approval.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics is Australia's leading peer-reviewed journal in its field. Subscribe for access to the latest high-quality nutrition research.

Education Centre courses and events

Our Education Centre offers evidence-based dietetics learning to members and non-members. You can choose from peer-reviewed courses delivered by our Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL). And explore our other webinars, podcasts and events.

To book a course or activity, you'll need to login to your Dietitians Australia account. You can use your account to access member content once you complete your DSR and join Dietitians Australia.

DSR candidates can get member prices on courses and events run by the Education Centre. Email for information.

Health advice

Our health advice articles give easy-to-understand advice about many dietetic topics. They're helpful resources to share with clients. They highlight nutrition topics that matter to Australian consumers.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

The Australian Dietary Guidelines give advice on the kinds of food we need to eat for health and wellbeing. They're based on the latest scientific evidence. Health professionals, policy makers and other nutrition-related professionals use these guidelines in Australia.

PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition®

PEN is a database of accessible and current nutrition and dietetics research. It's summarised into evidence-based bites to support dietitians. Subscribe to PEN to access their resources.

Formal study

Some Australian universities might offer non-award courses in human nutrition and dietetics. These could help you build your knowledge. Contact the universities to find out if they offer any non-award or short courses for you.

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Find dates for our next round of DSR exams, including when to apply for your MCQ and oral exams, and the cut-off date for your DSR assessment.
Learn what to expect in your MCQ dietetics exam including the exam format, scope and assessment. And download our sample exam questions and answers.
Learn what to expect in your oral dietetics exam including the exam format, scope and assessment.