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Thai pumpkin and chickpea curry served on a white plate with bread and rice.
Vegetarian Main course Thai Chickpeas Pumpkin

A vegetarian curry recipe with Thai flavours, pumpkin and chickpeas.

Mediterranean chicken served in a saucepan on a wooden board.
Family friendly Gluten free Winter Main course Mediterranean Chicken

Recipe for chicken, mediterranean style. Cooked in a tomotoas sauce, servied with olives bocconcini and basil.

Coconut curry dish in a white bowl
30 minute meals Budget Vegetarian Main course Chickpeas

This budget-friendly vegetarian curry is delicious served with rice and fresh green beans.

Cooked beans and pasta in a white bowl
30 minute meals Budget Family friendly High fibre Pasta Vegetarian Main course Italian Lentils Pasta Vegetables

This vegetarian pasta recipe is easy to make and is full of fibre.

Bowl of bean chilli with avocado on top
Quick and easy Vegetarian Main course Mexican Legumes

This chilli is packed with veggies and can be enjoyed with rice, corn chips or simply on its own.