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Red lentil hommus served with celery and carrot.
Family friendly Quick and easy Spring Summer Side dishes Snacks Middle Eastern Garlic Lentils

A simple recipe for hommus made with red lentils and tahini.

Sweetcorn and zucchini potato cakes with pieces of avocado on top.
Budget Quick and easy Vegetarian Light meals and lunch Side dishes Eggs Potato Zucchini

Recipe for sweetcorn and zucchini potato cakes. Serve with Greek yoghurt, avocado and baby spinach leaves.

Ezogelin Çorbası - Turkish spicy red lentil soup
Soup Winter Main course Turkish Garlic Herbs Legumes Lentils Rice Spices Tomato Vegetables

Recipe for Ezogelin Çorbası, a spicy Turkish red lentil soup made with red lentils, tomato, Bulgur and rice.

Risotto on a white plate
Risotto Main course Mediterranean Chicken Mushroom Rice Tomato

Recipe for Mediterranean style risotto, with mushrooms and leek.

Tofu and mushroom laksa served in white bowls with forks.
Vegetarian Main course Malaysian Mushroom Tofu

A vegetarian take on laksa, with tofu and mushrooms.