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Curried lentil soup in small bowls and bread on the side.
Soup Vegetarian Light meals and lunch Indian Lentils

Recipe for curried lentil soup, simmered together with carrots, zuchini and baby spinach leaves.

Dukkah salmon served in two containers with beans, tomato and lemon.
Summer Light meals and lunch Main course Chilli Garlic Herbs Olive oil Rice Salmon Spices

Recipe for dukkah crusted salmon fillets with zesty veggies, served on brown rice.

Roasted pumpkin, pesto and feta socca
Autumn Vegetarian Winter Light meals and lunch Lunchbox Main course Chickpeas Feta Pumpkin Quinoa Spinach

Recipe for roasted pumpkin, pesto and feta socca. A base made from chickpeas, with toppings of your choice.

Strawberries, baby spinach and feta salad
Autumn Quick and easy Single serve Spring Summer Light meals and lunch Side dishes Vegetables and salads Berries Cashews Feta Spinach

A salad recipe for one with strawberries, spinich, cashews and fetta.

Chickpeas in a bowl next to a wooden spoon
Budget Family friendly Soup Winter Light meals and lunch Lunchbox Main course Vegetables and salads Modern Australian Chickpeas Herbs Legumes Pasta

Recipe for chickpea noodle soup, with carrot, celery and spaghetti.