Eating less salt

Many Australians are eating more salt than they need.  Although the most obvious way we get salt is by sprinkling it on our food, the main way we consume salt is through packaged and processed foods.

To eat less salt, try following these steps:

  • Fresh food should make up most of the everyday diet – base your meals around core foods rather than packaged foods
  • Choose no added salt, salt reduced or low salt foods when shopping
  • Look for processed foods with less ‘sodium’ on the nutrition information panel – see food labelling for further information.
  • Use cold roast meat or poultry for sandwich fillings instead of processed meats like ham
  • Use only small amounts of salty sauces
  • Add garlic, herbs and spices to food in place of salt
An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) can provide individual advice on healthy lifestyle habits to help lower blood pressure.