Skills Migration Assessment

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Skills Migration

If you are a permanent resident of another country and have successfully completed an accredited Nutrition and Dietetics program in Australia, OR you have completed the second stage of the Dietetic Skills Recognition (DSR) process (MCQ exam), you may be eligible to apply for a Skills Migration Assessment.

We have been specified by the Minister for Home Affairs in accordance with the Migration Regulations 1994 as the assessing authority for the occupation of Dietitian – ANZSCO Code: 251111.

The assessment can take up to six (6) weeks from the time your application and documents are received. Documents can be certified by anyone from the Department of Home Affairs ‘Occupations‘ list.

As part of the assessment, you must meet the educational requirements for English language. This requires you to have completed an accredited dietetics program in Australia within the two years prior to application. If you do not meet this criteria, you will need to successfully pass one of two English Language Proficiency tests and provide a copy of the results along with other supporting documentation.

The Department of Home Affairs have advised that the intention of the Policy is that a provisional/temporary skills assessment which does not require a skilled employment component cannot be used to apply for a permanent skilled visa.  It is DAA’s responsibility to advise candidates that restrictions and limitations might be in place, depending on the visa applied for but questions regarding those restrictions can only be answered by DHA. It is important that applicants are aware that a provisional skills assessment will not substitute for a full skills assessment for general skilled migration.

To apply for an assessment

Please complete the application form, pay the relevant fee and forward supporting documentation to us at

Are you moving to Australia?

We can only provide advice on applying for a Skills Migration Assessment.

There are a number of visa options for residents of overseas countries who wish to work in or move to Australia.

For information on visa options, and for all other questions relating to migration, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website. We have also compiled some links for you below.

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The standards and processes for assessment and recognition of dietetic qualifications are established and maintained by the Australian Dietetics Council (ADC), an external governing body that ensures DA is delivering an efficient, effective and equitable dietetic skills assessment service that supports the operations of the Department of Home Affairs’ Migration Programs.