How can I get my child to eat more fruits and vegetables?

Be creative and offer different fruits and vegetables, presented in different ways.

Children take time to develop a taste for foods, so if they refuse a fruit or vegetable once, try again another day!

Some suggestions:

  • Make a delicious fruit smoothie with fresh fruit, milk and yoghurt
  • Add fruit to homemade cakes and muffins
  • Serve fresh fruit skewers with yoghurt for a healthy, colourful snack
  • Serve poached fruit or tinned fruit in natural juice with custard
  • Offer chopped fresh vegetables with salsa or a dip
  • Serve an added bowl of fresh or cooked vegetables to the table at the evening meal – so everyone can help themselves for more e.g. sliced capsicum, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber or just extra cooked vegetables
  • Grow a vegetable garden – great exercise plus the whole family can enjoy garden-fresh produce
  • Take the kids to the local markets and let them choose fruit for the week

An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) can help you make changes to your diet to increase the amounts of fruit and vegetables you are eating.